McDonald’s suffers millionaire losses

McDonald’s suffers millionaire losses

By Raul Mannise

The world is changing, it is changing the way we consume, the way we think and people today worry about things like health and environmental responsibility.

Companies that sell nothing but beautiful-looking toxics and promote productive models of animal exploitation and the environment suffer losses due to the fact that consumers are increasingly aware of the damage that these products entail.

McDonald's has lost millions of dollars in the last year and it is a trend that has been repeating itself more and more rapidly in recent years.

In Asia where they served tons of rotten chicken last year and people found out, their sales fell 38%.

There are in countries like Bolivia or Filandia where the chain had to close, in many countries they have closed several establishments reducing their operations.

People got tired that their food is full of toxins, how can it be that some French fries have more than 14 ingredients?

Some of the toxins most used by McDonald's:

Polydimethylsiloxane: This is a chemical that is used very frequently in silicone breast implants and industrial putties. But, it can also be found in McDonald's chicken nuggets, in short plastic in your nuggets.

Propylene Glycol: This is a chemical used in car antifreeze and McDonald's French fries, recognized as safe by the FDA, the only thing that causes is to raise the level of acidity in the body according to these, so to in the long run and with a lot of consumption at most causes cancer.

Azodicarbonamide: This is a chemical that is used in plastics, banned in Europe, it is found in hamburger buns throughout the rest of the world, according to studies carried out in England, it causes asthma.

Ammonium hydroxide: Although last year they have claimed to abandon its use, until then they put it on meat, this allowed them to use meat of the lowest quality, parts that were previously thrown into the landfill and that would look like an appetizing hamburger after Due to the media pressure of the so-called pink slime affair, the company decided to suspend its use.

And the list is endless only the fries have more than 10 additives !!!


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