The harms of refined sugar

The harms of refined sugar

By Vera Daya

The damage of sugar begins with the excessive increase of glucose levels in the blood, since sugar is absorbed quickly. When glucose levels are at high levels, the hormone called insulin also increases, since it is used in the blood as a method of transporting energy throughout the body. This can lead to many long-term problems, the main one being diabetes.

When insulin levels are very high in the blood, it can also bring other problems such as fat formation, lipogenesis and high levels of glucagon, among others. But the cartwheels do not end here, because with the excess of these hormones, such as the cortisol hormone, the immune system and the heart begin to affect, causing inflammation in the body. This is all because bacteria and fungi feed on sugar, and by providing so much sugar to the body, you are allowing them to reproduce more easily and quickly.

As if this wasn't harmful enough, it should also be mentioned that high levels of insulin can cause insulin resistance, and without proper absorption of insulin, the body begins to slowly decline. Other consequences of eating large amounts of sugar are cavities and oral problems. You can also develop tumors, acute gastritis, intestinal problems, stomach infections, among others.

But like any disease, there is also a remedy and there are many ways to prevent sugar from affecting your health and putting your life at risk. The first, the most effective, and the most obvious is simply avoiding all types of refined sugar and products that contain it. This is the safest way to avoid high levels of sugar in our system, although it is the most difficult to follow, especially if you are one of the people who loves candies, sweets and cookies.

If this last situation is your case, and there is no way you can stop consuming products with sugar, there are several things you can do. The first option is to consume fewer products from this category and when you feel like consuming them, opt for organic versions. These organic products contain non-artificial sugar, which although it is also harmful, is not so much the impact compared to processed sugar full of additives and chemicals. You can also consume fruits, which contain natural sugar, with little impact if they are organic fruits. It is a matter of planning and control, necessary elements to take care of our health.

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