How to save effort in the garden

How to save effort in the garden

By Javi

By planting green manure cover crops like peas and lima beans, rye or buckwheat between crop rotations, we don't have to use commercial fertilizers, whether organic or chemical.

Sowing plants for green manure is very easy to do, it requires little effort.

And its preparation for the subsequent cultivation of our garden is not too heavy either.

An extraordinary way to save energy and obtain better crops is the cultivation in raised beds.

From the outset, we avoid tillage and soil work, which is the most physically heavy. The posture to work is much more relaxed by having the floor of the bed higher, we do not have to bend down so much and our back will thank us. Drip irrigation, whatever the chosen system, will also make the work of running a vegetable garden or garden extremely easy.

Irrigation can even be programmed with an electronic programmer and we forget about the water supply to the plants.

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