Granny Cricket and Nature

Granny Cricket and Nature

This successful short makes us reflect on the "reification" of nature

La Abuela Grillo has become an inspiring reference of a society that seeks profitability in everything that exists.

The indigenous communities of the world are perhaps the greatest victims of the expansionist mentality of the West. The vision of finding in nature, not a part of the whole, but a product for sale, has made environmental conditions today alarming.

On the other hand, millenary cultures that kept a more intimate relationship with the environment (the precious thread of things, and not necessarily the possession of them) have managed, in some cases, to survive time and still live in many countries under its precepts, and in a perennial struggle to respect their natural resources just as they do.

A successful short film, especially on the internet, made in tandem by Peruvian and Danish creatives, takes up a mythical tale from pre-Hispanic Bolivian literature, an indigenous Ayoreo story: La Abuela Grillo.

In the short, in some way, an allusion is made to the war to defend the water of Cochabamba in 2000, since it was intended to privatize this resource. In this piece, an old indigenous woman cries and her tears are bottled as a product for sale; a powerful message that invites us to think about how contemporary society, even more so with globalization, seems convinced that everything is about a product to generate money, in this case, a crude and paradoxical example of the voracity that collects the tears of a person who feels the sadness of a system that reifies what it finds in its path.

It is also a beautiful piece of art that will give you back some of the indigenous wisdom in a few minutes.

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