Living in a vertical forest in the middle of the city

Living in a vertical forest in the middle of the city

Every decision in the design of the building was made with the mind set on its integration with nature. The asymmetrical shape of its terraces allows large potted trees to “sprout” out of the building at random. A great example of sustainable architecture.

The ponds in the courtyard offer residents a refreshing place to relax in the summer, and the 150 deciduous trees, which shed their leaves in the winter, allow light to filter through during the darkest months. The building helps to keep the air in the city cleaner and isolates residents from surrounding noise and odors.

The 150 trees and 50 plants in this building absorb 200,000 liters of CO2 and produce 150,000 liters of oxygen per hour.

The vegetation creates a microclimate inside the building, the leaves block the sun's rays in summer and let in light and heat in winter. In addition, the building has a system for collecting rainwater, which is then used for irrigation.


Video: vertical forest in milan (June 2021).