Five fast growing vegetables

Five fast growing vegetables

Sow the seeds of beet in the ground and remember that their seeds are actually groups of them so you will have to clarify when the seedlings sprout. The beet greens can be used like spinach while they are tender and then you can harvest the beets. The leaves can be cut with scissors but do not cut more than 1/3 of the leaves of each plant. This culture will need a period of time not exceeding 48 days.

The arugula It is a fast growing plant, in ten days you will have the seeds germinated and in 30-45 days it will have completed its life cycle. Sow its seeds just over half a centimeter deep and when the leaves measure about five centimeters we can harvest them to use in salads, soups and other dishes. When it is raised about 15 cm from the ground, it will be the end of the harvest as the leaves become too bitter for culinary use.

The green beans, green beans, or kidney beans It can also be a short cycle crop if we choose the right variety. The short ones that do not need to be trained barely grow beyond 30-40 cm in height and although they are less productive than the bush varieties they can help us to take advantage of those 50-60 days that we have left for the arrival of the cold.

The turn them They are the leaves and stem of the turnip, there is a long tradition of consumption in various European countries, in Spain in Galicia and León, in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The tender shoots can be used in salads, they provide a delicious mustard flavor. The larger leaves and stems will be used for different dishes but before the flower buds begin to form.

The baby carrot It was developed for the canning industry but we can take advantage of its short life cycle, less than 60 days, to liven up our meals with its delicious flavor.

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