List of companies using Monsanto products

List of companies using Monsanto products

Monsanto is considered one of the most harmful figures in the food market. Its commercial hunger, known for its lack of ethics, has reached a good part of the food that circulates throughout the world; as well as a myriad of environmental consequences associated with the use of its argochemical products.

Several scientific investigations have shown that Monsato's genetically modified foods have led to serious health problems, such as the development of cancerous tumors (including breast, prostate, and lung cancer), infertility, and birth defects. In addition, organic farmers and small producers suffer losses due to the monopoly supplied by Monsanto around the world, including exclusive rights to seeds and genetic makeup.

What can you do about it? In the first instance, reduce consumption of products associated with Monsanto. Among which are the following companies:

Remember that the well-being of both the planet, your loved ones and you, depends on this grain of sand that demands the well-being of the home (and its members) in which we live. It's not about money. It's about ethics and health.


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