Ebro flood and the terrible consequences for farm animals

Ebro flood and the terrible consequences for farm animals

Dead pigs dumped in trucks along with other badly injured.

Livestock farms with hundreds of injured or dying animals without veterinary assistance of any kind. PACMA is working on the development of a protocol for the evacuation of animals in disasters.

The Animalista Party - PACMA has had access to images recorded these days in Aragon, after the floods caused by the flooding of the Ebro, in which farms and livestock farms have been washed away by the water, causing the death of thousands of animals.

In the images you can see hundreds of dying and injured pigs, trying to escape from hell by jumping and walking over the corpses of drowned animals.

In some farms the dead animals have been removed by excavating shovels, and have been piled up in trucks along with others still alive, which have been crushed to death.

PACMA has contacted in these days with the Ministry of Livestock of the Government of Aragon, with the Environmental Agents, with the SEPRONA of the Civil Guard and with all the emergency services, without any of them having acted to help the injured animals.

The Animalista Party is currently working with experts and specialists in the elaboration of an evacuation protocol, which we will make available to the Public Administrations, so that they can put it into operation, with the aim of preventing it from happening again.

We demand the implementation of an animal evacuation plan in disasters, as well as the modification of the regulations so that the State Security Forces and Bodies can access private farms and farms, in case of emergency, to evacuate the animals locked up.

Video: Animals Displaced by Floods (June 2021).