Fascinating project transforms polluted rivers into floating gardens

Fascinating project transforms polluted rivers into floating gardens

Specifically, the ecological treatment system made it possible to transform the polluted river into a floating garden.

Its operation, which they also assure has a fairly low cost, is based on the installation of a reactor that allows the water to be oxygenated and allows the development of aquatic life. After that stage, the engineers used bacterial colonies that feed on the contamination.

Jointly, the necessary infrastructure works were carried out so that the spills were treated before they were dumped. In turn, artificial floating islands were created with various plants that help to provide a biological treatment and improve circulation.

The islands were made in the shape of a panel of bees, giving them great stability. Thus, the Paco canal, located in the city of Manila, has been transformed into a park through which you can walk and admire the flowers, trees and, mainly, clean water.

An important detail is that the system is totally respectful with the life of plants, fish and other inhabitants of the canal, in fact the system has improved their quality of life.

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