Making the bed is filthy

Making the bed is filthy

According to Stephen Pretlove, one of the authors of this study carried out in London, in a bed live, and thus it sounds like a commercial for mattresses, 1.5 million mites, beings of approximately one and a half millimeters in length that have as a hobby to shit non-stop in where we sleep.

Contrary to what we considered to be a good example of parental cleanliness, Pretlove's study claims that making the bed upon waking is equivalent to tucking these nasty arachnids back into their virulent micro-party.

“Something as simple as getting out of bed and leaving it unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so that the mites dehydrate and eventually die,” Dr. Pretlove said.

In this vein, according to the findings of Stephen Pretlove, the strict rigor of the bed made every morning not only prevents the death of these little beings, it also favors the creation of a viral space and the strengthening of them. It is worth noting that the presence of mites can cause -more- problems for asthmatics and episodes of insomnia.

Ironies of life, the disorderly enjoy a cleaner bed. The recommendations of this British doctor are not to make the bed, open the windows every day when we get up and let the sun slaughter the mites without mercy.


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