Sprouts, Live foods, with very high nutritional value

Sprouts, Live foods, with very high nutritional value

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Germinated seeds are sprouts full of vitality. Their exceptional amount of nutrients makes them essential in a healthy diet, as well as adding their flavor to many dishes.

The nutritional content of germinated seeds is comparable to that of fruits and vegetables, but they surpass them in terms of their enzymatic richness and chlorophyll, which is very important for their antianemic, revitalizing and antitoxic action. All this makes them complete foods that can help correct the deficiencies of modern nutrition.

Sprouts are unique as they are available at any time of year and anywhere in the world. Its harvest cycle is only one week and its yield is very large. With a single kilo of alfalfa seeds, between 10 and 14 kilos of fresh sprouts are produced.

Nutritional properties

The nutritional properties of sprouts are very high

For example, in terms of protein, alfalfa, sunflower and radish sprouts have 4%, much more than many vegetables. Soy or pea sprouts, with 27% protein, are comparable to the percentage of meat, milk and eggs, but without the high fat content.

Cereal sprouts and some seeds such as wheat and sunflower seeds are rich in fat. While the fat in flour and wheat germ rancid very quickly, the fats in sprouts last for weeks. The famous wheat germ oil is broken down into essential fatty acid fractions of which more than 50% is Omega 6. While sunflower oil is the best source of omega 6 acids, sunflower sprouts make those fats more digestive and assimilable.

Therapeutic properties

Sprouts are widely known because they help prevent diseases.

1. They favor detoxification and purification processes.

2. They strengthen the immune system.

3. They fight the action of free radicals.

4. They stimulate the secretion of the pancreas.

5. They facilitate digestion by activating the processes of regeneration and de-inflammation of the digestive system.

6. They improve intestinal function and strengthen the intestinal flora.

7. Lower the cholesterol index.

They generally promote metabolism due to their restorative action.

Sprouts at Home

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