Asian elephant, on the ‘cutting edge’ of survival

Asian elephant, on the ‘cutting edge’ of survival

Some of the most threatened animals in the world are found on the Asian continent.

The Asian elephant is one of them. Along with the tiger and the panda bear, this mammal is threatened.

Despite the fact that the Asian elephant's risk of extinction is much lower than that of other animals on this continent, this animal faces threats every day that may undermine the conservation of its species for years to come. In fact, its conservation status according to the IUCN red list is 'threatened'.

The Asian elephant can be found in tropical forests in South Asia, although its captive population, whether in zoos, circuses or natural parks, has increased in recent times. CHARACTERISTICS AND HABITAT The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is a large mammal, in fact it is the largest in Asia. In its large wingspan, its long legs, its short neck and its long trunk stand out, sometimes flanked by two large fangs.

It has notable differences with its African relative, being the smallest Asian elephant in height, reaching 3.5 meters.

Another difference is its ears, which are very small compared to those of the elephant native to Africa. Asian elephants can weigh up to five tons and usually walk at a speed of between five and six kilometers per hour.

Their diet consists mainly of leaves and fruits.

These animals are usually found in herds, made up of females and young, the males being solitary. The gestation of Asian elephants usually lasts about 22 months resulting in a single calf. THREATS The main threats facing the Asian elephant are lack of habitat and, as in other cases, humans. As for the lack of habitat, this is mainly due to the deforestation suffered by the jungles of South Asia, where they normally live.

Man is its greatest threat since poaching, which becomes indiscriminate, causes an alarming decrease in the numbers of this mammal. This excessive hunting responds to the illegal sale of parts of the body of this animal such as teeth and fangs.

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