19-year-old developed a system to clean the ocean of plastic

19-year-old developed a system to clean the ocean of plastic

By Raúl Manisse

Boyan Slat's plan is a floating barrier that takes advantage of ocean currents to move around and capture the plastic waste present in the ocean.

The idea was born when Boyan was diving in Greece and saw a small islet made of plastic garbage. "Unfortunately, the plastic doesn't go away on its own. So I asked myself, why can't we clean it up?"

The initiative, which has the support of more than 100 researchers and environmentalists, is to eliminate 65 cubic meters of waste per day. In an experiment with a prototype, the floating system collected plastics up to three meters deep along with a small amount of zooplankton, which helps in the recycling of polymers.

By using ocean currents and winds, not only does the system not consume energy but it follows the same route as the waste to be cleaned.

After raising more than two million dollars of funds through crowdfunding, they are developing the probe to be able to launch this year.

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