Hungarian architect invents a 'water house' to save energy

Hungarian architect invents a 'water house' to save energy

"Imagine a building without insulation, but with an ideal thermal balance inside thanks to the properties of water," sums up Matyas Gutai, 34, who has been developing his project and patenting it step by step for a decade.

In his hometown of Kecskemet, south of Budapest, the inventor has already started a small prototype. Most of the walls of the building are double glass panels, with the holes filled with water that, when exposed to the sun, absorbs the heat as a car battery would.

The water restores the heat when the weather cools, as if it were a convector. In this way, the need for external heat sources is limited, and therefore energy consumption.

The conception of the "water house" also allows perfect insulation, although the walls are no more than five centimeters thick, thus saving on construction materials.

"There is no other structure that is completely surrounded by volumes of water connected to each other," he told AFP.

"And water, using its natural properties, is capable of moving energy where it is needed. It absorbs, stores, heats, cools and balances the internal temperature," he added.

The architect, who received a grant from the European Union, said that his project arouses the interest of architects and developers from around the world.

Hungary is famous for its thermal baths. But the architect was not inspired by the hot springs in Budapest, but by an onsen, the open-air hot springs in Japan.

It was in 2003, when I was studying sustainable architecture in Tokyo. Curiously, he claimed to have also been inspired by aikido, a martial art in which the one who knows how to take advantage of the power displayed by the opponent wins. "You use the strength of the other for your own benefit," Gutai described.

"I was soaked in this technique, I became more and more interested in water, which does not resist, but responds in another way, with intelligence when it is blocked," he added.


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