The shale myth

The shale myth

By Carlos Enrique Dallmeier

Nothing could be further from the truth, judging by world oil production statistics, including those of the AIEE and that issued by the British Petroleum firm.

Indeed, according to these figures, when comparing oil production in the United States between 2010 and 2013, we see that it increased by 2,451,000 barrels per day, from 7,552,000 barrels per day in 2010 to 10,003. 000 in 2013, while world demand went from 87,801,000 barrels to 91,331,000 in the same period, with a net increase of 3,530,000 per day, much higher than the increase in production experienced by the United States thanks to production through the tracking technique.

In other words, according to those figures, the price not only should not have dropped, but it should be trading at around $ 120 a barrel.

What is the truth?

The reality is that several countries, in cahoots with the United States, increased their production from 2010 to 2013 by 4,392,000 barrels per day, which, added to the increase in North American production, yields a total increase in supply of 6,843,000, well above above the increase in world demand of 3,530,000 barrels per day, and that of course, is the cause of this brutal decline.

This increase in the daily production of barrels is broken down as follows: Iraq: 651,000; Kuwait: 605,000; Qatar 319,000; Saudi Arabia: 1,450,000; UAE: 751,000 and Canada: 616,000

It should be noted that an increase of this caliber in oil production does not happen overnight, since it is necessary to explore, drill, extract, transport, store, refine and take the plaintiffs. A gigantic investment in time and resources that in this case the plan has taken more than four years, in order to use oil as a weapon of war.

Why are the Arab countries participating in this war?

In the case of the Arab countries, it is perfectly understood. They are primitive monarchies that exercise power despotically. In the case of Saudi Arabia we are facing an absolute and retrograde monarchy, where not even women can drive cars.

Some true troglodytes for whom the presence of democratic regimes, such as those of Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Algeria or Palestine, where the authorities are elected by vote, represents a real danger to their subsistence, and they thought that achieving a reduction in prices Oil was hitting them hard in their economies, which would allow their hosts of the Islamic State, Boko Haram and AlQaeda to rise to power in those countries.

Why is the United States doing it?

For four main reasons:

1 – To have at the forefront of the Arab oil-producing countries fanatical and primitive leaders, as happened in Libya, who prevent those nations from using the resources produced by black gold to achieve an industrial development that competes with the imperial countries for oil consumption. .

2 – Appear as the vanguard of the western imperialist powers in their current confrontation with Russia, under the argument that cheap oil will significantly hit an economy that depends largely on its more than 10,000,000 barrels per day of production.

But that confrontation with Russia was planned and fueled by the Americans to abort any economic alliance that could be woven between the European Union and Russia, which if achieved would become the first great economic megapower on the planet, and if growth is taken into account brutal that China is experiencing, in the medium term would cause the United States to be relegated to the level of a second-order power.

If that union were to occur, Europe would have access to a gigantic market as well as having the guarantee of the energy supply of oil and gas, which would allow it to shake off the current blackmail that the United States has, which is sold as the guarantor of the supplies of oil from the Middle East with its military presence in that area.

If this alliance were given in figures, it would have a territory of 26,563,000 km2 (almost three times the size of the USA), a population of 794 million inhabitants (about two and a half times that of the United States) and a current GDP of 20,568. $ 1 billion (one and a quarter times that of the United States) And that the gringos must prevent at all costs.

3 – Take tight control of the world's major oil reserves. Because we are going to be clear, if we stick to the statistics, the oil from shales will not be enough to meet the growing energy demand. It will always depend, and to an increasing degree, on traditional oil deposits

4 – To destabilize Venezuela, placing its miserable lackeys of the MUD in power, and to control our oil wealth again, seeking in this way to kill any attempt at important economic growth in the region by depriving it of access to the abundant energy present in our subsoil.

What to do with OPEC?

What is serious about this situation is that OPEC member countries have used oil as a weapon against nations that belong to that organization, distorting its reason for being.

This internal war is affecting Venezuela and other producing countries.

I think that a strategy should be designed that allows coordinated action with the latter, either by creating another organization, or by forming a working or contact group with nations such as Iran, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Argentina, etc. which together produced in 2013 a very respectable amount of 27,749,000 barrels a day (32% of world production) more than the combined production of the OPEC member countries that are conspiring to lower prices.

But it is also true that there is a new king in Saudi Arabia and that the military organizations that they created such as the IS has gotten out of control and today they are perceived as a real threat to Europe, which may impose some kind of change in strategy. .

In any case, any action taken must take into account the interests of consuming countries that are today our allies, and before which the United States, in order to break these alliances, intends to present itself as the "heroes" who have managed to lower the prices of oil thanks to the development in the exploitation of shales.

The truth is that they are using the shale myth to create a false sense of security in consuming countries in supplying oil for the future, thus trying to neutralize any support that oil-producing countries, such as Russia with Europe and Venezuela with the countries of South America and the Caribbean.


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