Are electromagnetic fields harmful to health?

Are electromagnetic fields harmful to health?

In the 20th century, environmental exposure has increased due to the growing demand for electricity, advances in technologies and changes in people's habits that have generated many artificial sources of electromagnetic fields. We are all exposed to a combination of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from those that consume electricity (household appliances for example), to those produced by telecommunications.

Tiny electrical currents are produced in the body due to chemical reactions in the body. Nerves emit signals by transmitting electrical impulses; the heart has electrical activity that doctors detect by electrocardiograms; the orders sent by the brain to the different organs.

Low-frequency electric fields influence the body, as in any other material made up of charged particles. Low frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents in the body. The intensity of these currents depends on the intensity of the external magnetic field. If it is strong enough, the currents could stimulate nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.

Recently, with the increase in electronic devices, a notable concern of society about the effects of these on health has begun. During the last ten years, questions have been raised about the health effects of many sources of electromagnetic fields, such as microwave ovens, computers, radars, mobile phones and their telephone stations.

The international CEM project is a response to the growing concern of society about the possible health effects of exposure to the large amount of electromagnetic fields, which the World Health Organization (WHO) started in 1996. As current conclusions In the last 30 years, approximately 25,000 articles on biological effects have been published. The WHO concluded that existing results do not confirm that exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields produces any health consequences.

That is, scientists do not support that symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, depressions ... are caused by electromagnetic fields at home. They also ensure that they do not cause effects on pregnancy, whether they are malformations, reduced weight or congenital diseases, instead there are factors such as exposure to organic solvents (found in paints, varnishes ...) that are much more dangerous for the health of the fetus .

Regarding cancer, despite the studies carried out, the existence of carcinogenic effects is a highly debated topic. In any case, if electromagnetic fields actually do produce any cancer risk-increasing effects, the effect will be extremely small. The results obtained to date present numerous contradictions, but no large increases in the risk of any type of cancer have been found, neither in children nor in adults.

Currently in research, large research efforts are currently being used to study the relationship between electromagnetic fields and cancer. Another research target of numerous studies today is the long-term health effects of mobile phone use, as no detrimental effects have been found from exposure to low levels of radio frequency fields. However, due to societal concern for the safety of cell phones, additional research is attempting to determine whether less obvious effects might occur at very low levels of exposure.

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