Regions will celebrate World Wetlands Day simultaneously

Regions will celebrate World Wetlands Day simultaneously

Pedro Gamboa, head of Sernanp, highlighted that Peru has the international recognition of 13 wetlands that are located in different parts of the national territory, of which 9 are protected natural areas.

“That is why our institution is interested in celebrating this important day, which is February 2, with various activities. But we have chosen to do it on Saturday (January 31) because it is difficult to make it on a useful day like Monday, ”he said.

He explained that the main activity will take place in the Paracas National Reserve, where two initiatives that Sernanp has been developing will be launched, one of which is that of volunteer park rangers, while the other addresses the issue of clean beaches.

He mentioned that the places where the celebrations will be held will be in the wetlands of Salinas and Aguada Blanca (Arequipa), swamps of Villa (Lima), the mangroves (Tumbes), Lagunas de Mejía (Arequipa), Junín (Arequipa), Paracas (Ica). ), Pacaya Samiria (Loreto) and Titicaca (Puno).

Gamboa highlighted that the tourist potential offered by these wetlands represents 30 percent of the visitors that the system of protected natural areas has had at the national level, which represents about 400,000 people.

He specified that one of the wetlands that has the most visits is Paracas, followed by Titicaca and Pantanos de Villa, Pacaya Samiria, where visitors invest a lot of money to receive good service in the middle of nature.

"Of these wetlands, 8 receive tourists permanently, in addition to taking advantage of the natural resources that they provide to local populations," he stressed.

He cited, for example, the case of the black shells and the crab that are taken from the mangroves of Tumbes, as well as the paishe and the taricaya in Pacaya Samiria or the vicuñas that are raised in Salinas and Aguada Blanca.

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