Useful uses of hydrogen peroxide to use at home

Useful uses of hydrogen peroxide to use at home

This product can be a practical bactericide, an effective deworming resource and above all, an efficient supply of oxygen. Since hydrogen peroxide is simply water with an extra oxygen atom, upon entering the body it releases said atom and raises the oxygen concentration, which proves its germicidal, virucidal, antiseptic, disinfectant and deodorizing properties.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is simple and reliable, provided that qualities (food grade) and dosages are respected (use only 3%) - it is contraindicated in transplant patients, since the PH stimulates the immune system and this can generate rejection towards the organ "foreign" to the body.

Here you can find out some of the useful uses that exist for hydrogen peroxide at home:

1. Fight germs

You can use a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, to gargle for a few minutes and then throw it away, to kill oral germs.

2. Free of bacteria

It also helps to keep toothbrushes free of bacteria that cause gingivitis and other oral problems by keeping them in a hydrogen peroxide solution.


A little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth disinfects surfaces better than any other product; excellent for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

4. Keep your utensils clean

Food handling utensils can be sanitized after use, with a little hydrogen peroxide, which kills any bacteria or germs, including salmonella.

5. Feet

Applied to the feet, it prevents fungal problems that cause conditions and bad odor.

6. Wounds

Applied to wounds, it coagulates bleeding, prevents infections and helps in healing.

7. Healthy skin

A little hydrogen peroxide in the bath water helps keep the skin healthy, and can be used in cases of mycosis or fungi.

8. Stains

Clothes that require disinfection (towels, handkerchiefs, etc.), or those in contact with body secretions and blood, can be totally disinfected if they are soaked in a solution containing hydrogen peroxide, before normal washing.

9. Seeds

In the case of seeds that may contain fungi or aflatoxins, just soak them for 20 minutes in water with a few tablespoons of PH, rinsing later.


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