The 5 R’s

The 5 R’s

Reduce: If we use less from the beginning, then we have less to throw away. When we generate less waste, we protect the environment.

To reuse: We must buy products that we can reuse, and we must eliminate the use of products such as paper plates.

Recycle: We need to recycle everything. It is important to know what we put up to recycle in our community.

To refuse: We must reject products that cannot be recycled. We must send this message to the companies that produce such products.

React: We need to talk to companies and legislators and say our opinion about the sensitivity of products to the environment.

There are five ways to help improve the environment and take care of the planet.

It's easy to be green

Video: Os 5 Rs da sustentabilidade e do movimento lixo zero (June 2021).