Dakar Rally 2015 in Argentina:

Dakar Rally 2015 in Argentina:

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Dr. Raúl Montenegro, president of FUNAM, stated that the Environment authorities of Córdoba "should have publicly informed and several weeks in advance the precise places and times of the competition but preferred to obey the instructions of the organizing French company, Amaury Sport , and those responsible, Etienne Lavigne and David Eli.

This serious omission not only prevented citizens from taking precautions to protect their lives and property, but also increased the possibility that competitors, being unfamiliar with the routes, suffer and cause accidents that cost innocent people their lives. " The Dakar Rally has directly and indirectly produced more than fifty victims in Africa and South America, and irreparably destroyed archaeological and paleontological environments and sites in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The complaint made by Dr. Raúl Montenegro and FUNAM against public officials was filed with the Federal Police Delegation of the city of Córdoba with the sponsorship of the lawyer Alejandro Zeverin. The case is being analyzed by the Federal Fair Judge Alejandro Sánchez Freytes.

"The government of the nation and the provincial governments that said yes to the Dakar not only had to pay for the competition to take place.

They also accepted the reckless and illegal conditions of secrecy imposed by Etienne Lavigne and David Eli, from the French company Amaury Sport. Announcing the routes to the population and pilots barely a day or two in advance is unacceptable irresponsibility. It is equivalent to increasing the risks of people dying and environments being destroyed, because the Dakar Rally is made up of competing vehicles, support vehicles and the movement of spectators, "said Montenegro.

"Both the national government that paid 4 million dollars to the French company Amaury Sport, and allocates 28.5 million dollars from its budget for the Dakar 2015, and the provincial governments, including Córdoba, which also spend a lot money in the competition, they use the Dakar Rally demagogically, they do not care that the race costs the lives of innocent people and destroys unique environments.

As long as they can be in the social media, the politicians on duty - many of them candidates in the next elections - do not seem to be too affected by appearing in photos stained with blood. "

The complaint adds a case about the Dakar Rally that is investigated by Federal Court No. 1 of Córdoba. The complaint is added to the case about the 2013 Dakar Rally that is being investigated by the Federal Court No. 1 of Córdoba, in which Raúl Montenegro is a private plaintiff "per se" and for FUNAM. In this case, the serious violations of current laws committed by officials of the Nation, such as the Minister of Tourism Enrique Meyer, environmental officials of the government of Córdoba, officials of other provinces affected by the 2013 Dakar Rally, and those responsible for the company Amaury Sport, Etienne Lavigne and David Eli.

This cause is also sponsored by Attorney Alejandro Zeverín. Dr. Raúl Montenegro indicated that "since the beginning of the Dakar Rally in Argentina, both the French organizers of the competition as well as provincial and national officials of our country have been violating all kinds of regulations so that the lucrative show continues. decisions and then environmental studies are made in order to appear legality. As part of that mess, the Argentine government increased spending and redistributed 308.9 million pesos in the 2014 budget to finance the costs of the 2015 Dakar Rally, but without prior the environmental impact studies were done or the authorizations issued. "

He added that "fortunately the Federal Court of Appeals of Córdoba established that the judicial complaints made by FUNAM against the local and foreign organizers of the 2013 Dakar Rally, and against national and provincial officials of our country, must continue to be investigated by the Attorney General of Enrique Senestrari ".

Contents of the presentation made in the Federal Justice of Córdoba. The presentation made indicates that the complainant "has come to expand a timely complaint being processed by Federal Court No. 1 of this city [of Córdoba] in the submissions against public officials to be identified by the investigation, by way of guilt for Negligence would be allowing the conduct of individuals who, in their commercial endeavors for profit, endanger the life, property and property of inhabitants of Argentine soil, in the case particularly of inhabitants of the province of Córdoba, failing to fulfill their functions, Article 249 CPP Violation of the Duties of Public Officials ".

The Federal Fair Judge is asked to order "The Enforcement Authorities of the Government of Córdoba and the Nation -Secretariat of Environment- and the international and national organizers of the 2015 Dakar Rally, to inform publicly and by mass media, with urgency, precise places and times of the competition, security prohibitions, link sections, schedules, in the area of ​​the province of Córdoba "where the competition will take place on January 5, 2015.

The Fair Judge was also required to report to the Enforcement Authorities of the governments of San Juan, La Rioja, Salta, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, and any other province in which the Dakar Rally is held. 2015, as well as to the national government and the private company organizing the Dakar Rally "of the measure arranged in this province and in relation to these cars, for their knowledge and action."

"In this way," said the sponsoring lawyer, Alejandro Zeverín, "we seek to protect not only the inhabitants of the areas affected by the 2015 Dakar Rally in Córdoba, but also those of other provinces where the competition is taking place." He clarified that "the only partial information on the places affected by the Dakar in Córdoba was disseminated by sports sections of local media, practically within hours of the start of the competition between Córdoba and San Juan."

Ecuador said no to the Dakar Rally and blocked the possibility of it spreading to Colombia. FUNAM denounced the "small preparatory Dakar". FUNAM recalled that the government of Ecuador "formally rejected Amaury Sport's request to hold the Dakar Rally in that country" and that it did so "based on three technical reports made by non-governmental organizations from Chile, Peru and Argentina. One of the decisive documents was precisely the one provided by FUNAM ".

Ecuador's refusal blocked the possibility of the French company extending its competition to Colombia.

Dr. Raúl Montenegro also warned about the "small preparatory Dakar Rallyes that have been taking place in various countries of South America and other continents, and which the French organizers of Amaury Sport baptized as 'Dakar Challenges'. All of them repeat the colonial aspects and predators from the main Dakar Rally, and like this one they are a profitable business for the French company. " "Until now," he argued, "the 'Route 40 Challenge' in Argentina, the 'Guaraní Challenge' in Paraguay and the 'Inca Challenge' in Peru have been held in our region. Outside of South America, the Tecate Store Baja was held in Mexico, the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 in Botswana - an African reentry with a different name - and the Australasian Safari in Australia.

All of them prepare the ground and government relations for the great competition. "Raúl Montenegro considered that the Dakar" will finally be expelled from South America, as has already happened in Africa. It is a matter of time and of social debate. The unfortunate thing is that when that happens many more innocents will have died, and unique environments will have been irreversibly affected. We hope, yes, that the gentlemen responsible for this competition of death, including Etienne Lavigne and David Eli, from Amaury Sport, and the public officials who managed them, will answer to justice and society. "" The Dakar Rally is one of the most recent and crude episodes of colonialism, where a few hundred fools can play adventure with other people's lives and environments before the rogue complicity of irresponsible governments and officials, "he said.

For more information contact: Prof. Dr. Raúl A. Montenegro, Biologist

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