7 Diseases "invented"?

7 Diseases

Pharmaceutical consortiums, determined to expand their markets to gain even more income, manipulate us into believing that we are sick even though we are really healthy. To do this, they are turning what are normal life processes (whose symptoms are certainly confusing) into "new" diseases that are finally treated with the products (the little pills on duty) of the industry.

The “Big Pharma” dedicate no less than a third of their turnover to launching new drugs on the market, exaggerating the seriousness of known diseases or simply inventing them.

Of course, if these statements are true, we would find ourselves faced with a colossal scam in which pharmaceutical companies use all their power of influence (powerful gentleman ...) to get their message to society through public relations agencies, doctors, professors of medicine, celebrities, public and private research centers, journalists, etc etc ...

Here are 7 of these "new" diseases that appear in that text, and let each one reach their own conclusions:

- Male Menopause: Hormone companies are delighted with the scam of the new male epidemic.

(and lately they urge that men also take care of breast cancer)

- Social anxiety disorder: The shyness of a lifetime (face it with treatments without pills, please !!!)

- Attention deficit and child hyperativity (this translates into giving psychotropic drugs to restless children). Before it was called boredom ... and it was solved with original creations.

- Arterial hypertension: The trick of the industry here is to have lowered the values ​​that determine whether someone needs medical treatment. In Germany, it went from 160-100 mmHg to 140-90 mmHg, which meant tripling the number of hypertensive patients.

- Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis (loss of bone density), a natural side effect of old age, becomes a mass phenomenon.

- High cholesterol: The widespread belief is that a high cholesterol level is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Well, there are doctors who claim that there is nothing more false than the myth that the lower the cholesterol level, the healthier we will be or the longer we will live.

- Irritable bowel syndrome: What was a mild psychosomatic disorder has become a real disease through a marketing plan for the drug Alosetron (from the GlaxoSmithKline group).

There are many more "new" diseases, but these are the most popular and uncritically accepted by the population.

So be careful!!!!


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