Keys to saving electricity this Christmas

Keys to saving electricity this Christmas

Use Christmas lights that spend less

Change the old lights of the tree for others that consume less, such as LEDs. Although they are somewhat more expensive, if this year it is time to renew the Christmas light chains, you can opt for this type of bulbs that represent significant savings and last much longer.

In addition, the Christmas lights that are kept on all night, can generate a considerable increase in energy consumption. Don't forget that there are times when it is not necessary to have the Christmas lights on. For example, in the early morning hours and even during the day.

How to keep the house cool

One of the first things we must do to keep the house cool will be to close curtains and blinds, especially during the hours of greatest sunlight and when the sun hits windows and doors directly. Likewise, it is recommended that the curtains be of light color to avoid concentrating the solar radiation.

You can use fans and air conditioners to combat high temperatures. In the first case, (whose consumption is much lower), we recommend the ceiling ones since the hot air rises and the cold falls. If, on the contrary, you are going to use the air conditioning, you must make a rational use and turn it on only when it is really necessary and regulate the temperature between 24 and 26ÂșC. It is also important to properly maintain the air conditioning, for example by cleaning the filters.

It can also help you keep the house cool by watering the balcony or terrace if you live in an apartment, or the porch or entrance of your house. And is that a good part of the heat comes from the ground, so you can try to reduce the temperature to reduce the sensation of heat. Even so, it should be noted that it is necessary to make rational use of water, since it is a scarce good, and not take it as a constant habit.

Also keep in mind that appliances and other electronic devices are a source of heat by themselves, so you should disconnect everything that you are not using. As well as it is also recommended not to cook or wash clothes during the hottest hours, since we will generate more humidity in the environment and, therefore, the sensation of heat will increase.


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