Eight tips for a more ‘eco’ Christmas

Eight tips for a more ‘eco’ Christmas

Thinking about the safety of the little ones and how to have a more respectful Christmas with the environment, from Reparalia, specialists in home security, have collected a series of tips to avoid bumps and falls, in addition to proposing the keys to spend a more 'eco' Christmas: with mountains of wrapping paper, plastic containers and colored light bulbs… do you know how to reduce your ecological footprint these Holidays?

1. To avoid mishaps with Christmas lights, try to cover all plugs and corner cables and extension cords. Check that they are not damaged, and avoid splicing between cables. If you have any, isolate them completely to avoid cramps or overloads.

2. It is also advisable to carry out a review of the most visible pipes and observe that there are no leaks or breaks that could interfere with children's games.

3. The consumption of electricity on these dates is one of the highest of the year. If the tree lights are left on for ten hours a day, during the 12 days of Christmas, enough carbon dioxide is produced to inflate a dozen balloons. A good idea is to use energy-saving lights, which save more than 70 percent energy, and their durability reaches 20,000 hours.

4. Unplug the lights at night and when you leave the house, or use light programmers to help you control consumption so that you don't forget.

5. The tree is also the place chosen by Santa Claus and the Magi to leave the long-awaited gifts. Choose your ornaments well to prevent children from reaching and ingesting them, and, to make this tradition more sustainable, choose a natural tree and replicate or recycle it for the following year. Plastic trees have a greater environmental impact, but if you have decided to use it, try to keep it useful for as many years as possible.

6. When decorating, take advantage of common objects around the house and create your own decorations for the tree. A good idea is to fill it with lollipops or treats for the little ones.

7. The decoration can sometimes be a danger for them: watch the play spaces to avoid trips, bumps and falls, and remove all the obstacles you can from the floors and corridors.

8. Check the hinges of the doors or the hooks of the mirrors and pictures, to ensure the hold. To avoid accidents, it is advisable to use protectors on the corners of furniture and walls, as well as fasteners for the doors, which will prevent doors slamming and with that the 'little ones' from pinching their fingers.

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