And with the american way of life, what do we do?

And with the american way of life, what do we do?

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By Luis E. Sabini Fernández

  • problematic advance of various environmental or ecological factors, such as air and water pollution increasingly widespread, an increasingly accelerated crisis due to loss of biodiversity, both of specimens per species (for example, bees, sharks, micro- and macro-flora and fauna devastated with pesticides, or tree species that cannot move quickly enough using their own seeds in the face of global warming that displaces the regions suitable for each species) as well as species. The latter is irreversible and expresses a progressive biotic impoverishment of our entire world. But the list of dark futures is much larger; "Greenhouse effect", cause of the aforementioned global warming that implies the increasing melting of the ice (arctic, Antarctic and mountain) that is consummating not only centuries or decades of our present but only years; to a true climate crisis, in the face of which the current reduction in the price of oil, lowering its situation of high prices due to the prospect of scarcity, beyond improving the accounts of those who import it and thinning those of those who export it, can facilitate a increase in its use that will only precipitate the aforementioned warming process, and so many other ominous phenomena that have been emerging in recent decades. Let's take even one example. Colborn, Peterson Myers and Dumanovski, American biologists, have written a book, Our Stolen Future, after a long and painstaking field work, showing and demonstrating to what extent sexuality and fertility have been altered by environmental pollution, fundamentally endocrine disruptors that have caused, for example, the appearance of pairs of gulls composed of female and female, one with the behavior of taking care of the nest and the other fulfilling the provider role; the inability of males of various species to procreate, due to penis atrophy, condemning in the medium term the disappearance of the species; the devastating role of the assimilation of plastic particles in the organs of living beings ...

One understands, with this information, the painful role that we are suffering in human societies where we do not perceive the role of false estrogens in human sexuality and instead, the recognition of new sexes is claimed as "advanced", politically correct. ; third fourth fifth…

  • emergence of new diseases or regrowth of old ones but with new varieties that are often more aggressive; and as a special chapter within this gloomy panorama, the spread of cancer as the disease of our time (In Sweden, in the '90s, they estimated by 2000 that a third of the entire population would contract various variants, although auspiciously they predicted a certain recovery of the disease. fifty%).

Jeff Ritterman, an American oncologist, affirms that: “Transgenic agriculture (renamed biotechnology and lately photoshopped as“ intelligent agriculture ”[sic]) is the main funder [or in basic neo-Spanish, the main sponsor, or it seems, of the US government. .UU. ”And he continues:

"At this point in history, there is incontrovertible evidence that Roundup causes birth defects and is closely linked to cancers. If we do not want this herbicide to continue accumulating in our waters, land and food, we have to stop using it. ”[…]

“Cancers are cells that reproduce rapidly and randomly with total disregard for the preservation of the host organism. Cancer cells consume enormous energy by literally starving normal cells. They spread so wildly and rapidly that they suffocate their neighbors. They send emissaries to start new cancer colonies. They make toxic substances that damage healthy cells. They expand without pause. As a sad irony, when cancer cells reach their maximum expansion they kill their host with it and die in the process. "

"Like a cancer, transgenic agriculture has been steadily driving out its neighbors and has been expanding relentlessly. Also like a cancer, it manufactures toxic substances. Roundup is one of them. The more hectares that fall under transgenic crops, the more we must count on Roundup to increase its production. " So far, Ritterman.

Could we exemplify this growth in Argentina - subjected since 1996 to an "open field" trial in which the country's population plays, we play, like guinea pigs? with the decision of the government, or rather Monsanto via Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to install the largest Roundup production factory in South America in the country, in the province of Córdoba (governed by opponents of the government, worth the example of picaresque Creole) and that the provincial government has assigned to a municipality that in turn belongs to another opposition ..., that of Malvinas Argentinas. That "game of the hippo" expresses that there is some resistance in the country; that construction is paralyzed ... by the neighbors and against all the institutional bodies that have adopted it.

Beyond the staggering increase in cancers, the medical advances are both undeniable and clear; Surgical quality and diagnostic medical equipment have improved decade by decade, to such an extent that one can speak of enormous savings in premature deaths, now preventable (although there is also an equipment, often commercial, dedicated to survival without quality some, much more debatable).

The question that remains is whether such advances compensate for the spread of so many old or new diseases, largely related to environmental pollution, of such varied orders, such as the overwhelming example that Ritterman reminds us again and that “the collective imagination "Or perpetual presenteeism seem to be neglected in countries completely trapped in transgenic vertigo, such as Uruguay or Argentina.

With good reason, Déborah Padilla has described Argentina as "sick with agrotoxic progress."

• food spoilage; We have more and more food available but of increasingly worse quality. Foods that "exceed" seasonality, but lose flavors and smells. As if many foods were merely photocopied. We are in the realm of junk food. Food increasingly provided with chemical elements; additive products (preservatives, colorants, gelling, flavoring, flavoring, bleaching, antihomogenizing, condensing, antioxidant, leavening, antifungal, emulsifying, sequestering, acidifying, thickener, raising agent, anticaking agent, water retention agent), which strictly speaking come to add, synergistically and negatively, to the chemical ingredients that increasingly tend to accumulate in the agro-industrial production of raw materials for food.

The lack of food did not kill the species far from it, but it did have to endure periods of scarcity, where thinness, even extreme, was sometimes the norm, in addition to another familiarity of traditional societies; rickets. Today, with the same food during the twelve months of the year, seasonality erased, scarcity erased, “ruling” the gondolas, what we generate is obesity and cancer. Are we better?

• unstoppable time shortage. As new gadgets and techno-scientific advances applied to saving time are developed? The means of communication are getting faster, for example, the same happens with transport? These deployments in apparent paradox are plunging us into the anguished lack of time to attend to so many advantages and presumed savings that in turn create a dispersion of attention to multiple needs.

  • economic penetration of transnationals in the planetary periphery even greater than the "traditional" one. That it may be due to the freedom of movement that the Soviet break and the rise of the ideology of liberalism have facilitated; also to the growing awareness of the finiteness of our world, the planet. To put it in the words of Irma Oliveira, a sniper who is very attentive to the Uruguayan environmental problem: "The current trend in powerful countries is to abandon rhetoric and ensure control of the scarce natural resources still available."

• end of the bipolarity that characterized the second postwar period (and lasted for half a century), and the displacement of the contradiction that many of us once understood to be key, from east-west (or vice versa) to north-south or south-north (All these cardinal points are taken in full, with the terminology in force in the second half of the 20th century, with the gradations and exceptions of rigor).

Along with this end of bipolarity came the questioning of the "option" that covered almost the entire 20th century; the socialist alternative or even, almost, the socialist advent as a stage after (and after) capitalism; something that dazzled practically every "scientific socialist" and that even took the sleep of many antisocialist intellectuals who nevertheless saw it as an ineluctable process (I know several, but one, famous, from the early twentieth century can be a painful example of such involuntary prophetism, of that hated fatalism: Gustave Lebon).

The "new time", surpassed what was understood as a socialist parenthesis (although states that so declared themselves persisted), was embodied in a fairly numerous current of opportunist intellectuals who abandoned their "socialist" baggage (both revolutionary Marxists and social democrats), because they saw They believed they saw, they wanted to see, in liberalism or populism elnon plus ultra of politics, even in the most “serious” cases, of political perfection. They thus reissued, surely inadvertently, the simplistic prophetism of G.W. Hegel building a political system that was to culminate in the Prussian state right in his presence.

  • "New American Century" project, now exclusive, that of the 21st century. Let us stop at this last point, which we consider essential for our present.

Before starting a minimum historical point, I want to highlight the pathetic systematic confusion that the representatives of "global power" make between "the global interests of the United States" and the local or national interests of the globalized areas where those "global interests dominate Which are, strictly speaking, one of the privileged on the planet. Obama, for example, does not tire of making explicit that wonderful conjunction of interests between looters and robbed. The stubborn statistics, however, reveal that nowadays, as decades ago, we do not even speak of the first decile of lucky people or millionaires but of 1% of billionaires or billionaires ...

To "explain" the deepening between two humanities, something that has been enormously persistent in human societies, I allow myself this extensive quote:

“The average American […] devours slices of meat several centimeters thick, swallows alcohol in overflowing glasses, throws much of the food left on the table in the trash, drives huge, extremely sophisticated cars, one per family member As far as possible, he maintains the temperature of his home at 20 degrees Celsius in the summer and 25 in the winter, leaves the lights on throughout the house, turns on all the electrical appliances at the same time, kills the smallest animal unwanted, he uses the water profusely both for bathing and showering, to wash his clothes and dishes, to water his garden or to evacuate the dishes. Some of these dissipated goods at such a rate do not seem close to being exhausted, but of others, on the other hand, the dire consequences of their use are already known, be it the recrudescence of cardiovascular diseases or the scarcity of water […]. " Although the appointment is almost twenty years old, it not only constitutes an eloquent historical testimony, since a good part of the features made explicit there are unfortunately still valid; the “enriched world” continues to be wasteful with earthly goods, especially those of others ...

Let us, however, seek a look that is not so present but more historical.

In August 2000, the think tank, founded in 1997 under the Republican presidency, produced a document, "Rebuilding America's Defenses," which is strongly critical of then-President Clinton, a Democrat (who will last just a few more months in office) whom they accuse of having neglected the military face. The subtitle is explicit: Report of The Project for the New American Century (Report of the project for a new American Century).

This report, signed by "organic intellectuals" such as Robert Kagan and his brothers Donald and Fred, William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Thomas Donnelly and others, has a suggestive passage in its last third, that is, after the devastating criticism of the deficiencies military that these intellectuals attributed to the "Clintonian" negligence:

"The process of transformation [of military devices], albeit with revolutionary changes, is likely to take a long time, unless some catastrophic and catalytic event occurs - such as a new Pearl Harbor."

In my view, this "announcement" exactly one year before the demolition of the Twin Towers plus the string of violent events on that day, constitutes a very strong indication of certain implications with what happened. Recall that as early as 1993, the US security network had tracked down an attempted demolition by implosion of one of the World Trade Center towers, which at that time was attributed to Islamist networks or at least of that origin.

The more than obvious presence of Saudis, for example among those who carried out the action with the Twin Towers, could reveal a structure similar to the one that existed in 1941 in the Hawaiian archipelago, in the bay of Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor ... where the Japanese from the Empire of the Sun unleashed a blow that "forced" or allowed the US to enter WW2. Then, the US authorities, aware of the attack plans, allowed this entry to be legitimized, what chessistically is called a trap ... with sacrifice included, to continue with the chess simile. In 1941, what happened left more than two thousand dead ... Americans. In 2001, there were more than three thousand ...

This is the only way to explain the deference of the government of G.W. Bush dispatching a charter plane the next day with fifty Saudis, belonging to the extended family of Osama bin Laden, bound for Arabia….

Only in this way is it explained that the Executive Branch led by G.W. Bush has subtracted from the 2002 congressional report, the “Report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11”, 28 pages that have been put out of public knowledge, with the title “Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters”.

This is the only way to explain why four planes or flying objects have been able to enter various US airspaces on the same day without receiving any response (four, not one). If the US were such a "sieve", we would know that it wastes the large funds it manages for "security" ... but in that case, it would not have fulfilled the role of planetary heriff that it has exercised uninterruptedly for decades. The power, deadly, atrociously powerful that his security conveys is the same with which he has been able to maintain the attraction that still impresses his American way of life, despite the fact that many of us consider that it is really an American way of… death, not life.

We understand what happened on 9/11/2001 as the result of a policy, a decision, on the other hand, so explicitly announced a year before by the aforementioned verista "skulls".

There are many indices of this imperial claim, unfortunately very well materialized.

Never has the US had so many military bases around the world as in the last decade. More than 800, occupying more than 25 thousand km2 (the equivalent of the total area of ​​countries such as Albania, Rwanda or Haiti, almost as much as the area of ​​Belgium and a little more than those of Qatar or El Salvador ...

This deployment includes a policy of "containment" of China (as in the former USSR), the new power in the region. This evidently means "sprinkling" new bases across the region, adding to the more than 200 US bases that have encircled China for decades, from Japan, South Korea, Guam and Hawaii.

In Africa, the Pentagon has quietly created "about a dozen air bases" for drones and surveillance since 2007. Apart from the dean at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti (Horn of Africa), we know that the military have created or will soon create facilities in Burkina Faso (with its recent coup), Burundi, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritania, São Tomé and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, in Israel's "protected" splinter South Sudan, and in Uganda. The Pentagon has also studied the construction of bases in Algeria, Gabon, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria, among other places.

In America south of the Rio Grande, after the expulsion of the US military from Panama in 1999 and from Ecuador in 2009, the Pentagon has been creating or updating new bases in Aruba, Curaçao, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru. Elsewhere, the Pentagon has funded the creation of military and police bases capable of hosting US forces; in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, and even in Ecuador.

The military may want a base in Brazil and have tried to create bases, supposedly for humanitarian and emergency aid, in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. Did they make it? wonders David Vine, from whom we have extracted and synthesized a good part of the elements of the previous paragraphs. In the Uruguayan case, we know that yes, at least some (such as the Seal).

What about the giant military base of Mariscal Estigarribia in Paraguay? It worked and housed hundreds of American soldiers. It was conceived to house thousands, at the beginning of the century, but there is no record of its current presence, regardless of what the US and Paraguayan governments declare, denying its existence.

In 2008, the US Navy reactivated the Fourth Fleet, inactive since 1950, to patrol the American South. Let's repair: six decades later ...

In Europe, in addition to the hundreds of bases deployed at the time of the "struggle against communism", now the US has extended its networks to Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania, pearls torn from the old Soviet necklace. And along the same path is none other than Ukraine, the regional power of southern eastern Europe ...

Vine examines a change in the dimensions and locations of US military bases in the face of new strategies and "enemies"; no longer "communism" but "terrorism" and new technological deployments.

It tells us that there is an expansion: future US bases "scattered […] in regions in which the US has not previously maintained a military presence.

"Gone are the days when Ramstein was America's symbolic base, a city-sized colossus filled with thousands or tens of thousands of Americans, supermarkets, Pizza Huts, and other conveniences. But don't think for a second that the Pentagon is packing up, scaling back its global mission, and heading home. In fact, based on the events of the past few years, the opposite may be true. As the collection of giant Cold War-era bases dwindles, the overseas base infrastructure has exploded in size and scope.

”Unbeknownst to most Americans, base creation across the globe is increasing, thanks to a new generation of bases that the military call" water lilies "(using the simile with the frog that leaps through a pond towards its prey). They are small, secret and inaccessible facilities with a restricted number of soldiers, limited amenities, and previously secured weapons and supplies. ”

Vine clarifies us that many bases disappeared with the Soviet collapse, but they were immediately reconstituted, abandoning gigantism and accentuating the "water lily" character. Although there are also those that remained tied to the old schemes: in Germany, without the USSR or the GDR, 60,000 Yankee soldiers remained, occupying the country, although it seems to be in cordial terms ... (but not so much, because for example, the Echelon network it is done without Germany, strictly speaking, damaging, at least economically, Germany and France, and when there was an incorporation in 2004 beyond the “founding members”, English-speaking, it was neither Germany nor France that entered the select club, but Israel…).

The budget for the bases increased, at constant prices (in 2007 dollars), by well over 50% between 2001 and 2008.

To this panorama that we have reviewed so succinctly, we would have to add “the Latin American touch” that another analyst, the historian and investigative journalist J.P. Sottile has done about the School of the Americas (its name in English, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, Western Institute for Security Cooperation), which after its political closure, in 2009 has been reopened with much greater push than it had been. left from the waves of the '70s at the beginning of the century ...) and for which, once again, Honduras has become a beach head.

And Honduras is the precise place to indicate another salient feature of our time: the US-Israel alliance.

Because during the last coup in Honduras to displace its elected president, M. Zelaya, Israeli military assistance was very present, and the new “president” that emerged from the coup immediately adopted the Israeli secret services for his protection .

The US-Israel alliance is so close that at least in a sense we could speak of a political or politico-military unity. It is true that in the US there are political forces, on the Republican right, for example, that do not allow such a fusion, which goes beyond a mere alliance to constitute unified commands. But both Christian Zionists, generally attached to the Republican Party, and the structure of the Democratic Party, have accepted this symbiosis. That is why I consider it pertinent to speak of a single US-Israel entity. Accepting, in any case, review its existence before new facts. In the current state of affairs, it is a mere trap for the United States to appear, for example, as a mediator between Israelis and Palestinians when, strictly speaking, the state with the greatest military (and technological and even cultural) deployment on the planet is nothing but a partner. Siamese with the State of Israel (at most, it sometimes functions as "the older brother" who tolerates any outrage to the little brother ...).

All that network, that planetary web that the US strategists and that we should say better as Israeli-Americans, are weaving and fine-tuning, is coordinated and established through six large regional commands that cover the planet, along with a series of specific military and naval directions (such as demarines or other specialties). Those coordinating commands are in the regions and continents that they are supposed to “protect” (especially from susnatives…): Central Command (MacDill Air Force Base, Florida) -CENTCOM; Northern Command - NORTHCOM (Peterson, Colorado), Pacific Command - PACOM (Honolulu); Southern Command, dedicated to Non-Saxon America – SOUTHCOM (Miami, Florida); EUROCOM, (Stuttgart) and AFRICOM (without permanent headquarters; for many years, it was based in Stuttgart, together with the European, because the OAU first and the AU later refused to grant it a territory on the African continent, but after the assassination of Gaddafi and the subsequent dismantling of Libya decided to establish it in Africa itself, although the attempt to do so in Libya was wrecked).

Reviewing such a number of bases, there are those established since the 19th century, such as that of Guantánamo in Cuba, many come from the beginning of the US planetary domination, after 1945, but a good part dates from this third push from the '90s, and very especially after the "events" of 2001, which we have already pointed out.

America's stubbornness in militarizing the entire world reveals only the role that its power elites deserve the crises that we have initially pointed out: instead of being worried and even paralyzed by the march to the abyss in which we are engulfed, the headlines of the American way of life press the accelerator and move fast.

Let us note that those indices or indicators of the crisis that we initially review are of a very diverse nature; depletion of the biological sphere, snatching away the “natural” resources increasingly clearly visualized as scarce, which clearly speaks of an even mineral depletion of the planet; a crisis of political alternatives (with the consequent Soviet collapse as the benchmark), a health or medical-health crisis, a cultural or existential crisis linked to "lack of time", a crisis of our own biological and social spheres, eaten away, as Andrew Kimbrell explains, by the technosphere.

The meeting of the UN International Panel on Climate Change, which meets next month in Lima, Peru, will announce the insufficiency of the more than timid, complicit measures taken so far and how the accumulation of particles constituting the "effect greenhouse ”increase uncontrollably and we have gone from the dawn of industrialism to our days from 300 ppm to 450 ppm. This means that the average increase in planetary temperature is inevitable and is already beginning to be accepted at two degrees Celsius, despite the fact that Evo Morales had justly proposed in the previous meeting of the same panel not to exceed one degree Celsius (in that instance The Bolivian delegation was left alone with such a proposal, neither the Argentine nor the Uruguayan "certainly" seemed to be concerned about the matter, as well as the almost 200 remaining national delegations ...).

An expression by Rina Bertaccini is eloquent: "full spectrum dominance."

To characterize the current situation of the “empire” and the panorama that lies ahead, we present a “prophecy” of the school for managers of transnational companies based in Switzerland, founded by Nestlé, a mainstay of the “New Order”: “Three aspects of the world 2020 will have significant implications for the US Armed Forces. First, the United States will continue to have global interests and will be engaged with a number of regional actors ”[…] Joint Force 2020 must be prepared to 'win' [sic] across the spectrum of military operations anywhere in the world” […]. The potential of asymmetric approaches is perhaps the serious danger that the US faces in the immediate future, and this danger includes missiles […] and other direct threats to US citizens and territory. USA " (IMD, VC2020).

This is called legitimizing analysis of what exists! Nestlé, a genocidal transnational, could not be less.

By Luis E. Sabini Fernández


Video: American Way of Life (July 2022).


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