COP 20 did not reach its main objective

COP 20 did not reach its main objective

“Governments will not deliver the solutions we need unless more and more people raise their voices. We must continue to build a stronger movement to counter interests that impede action ”added Byanyima.

And the fact is that the decisions taken in Lima do not rule out the possibility of an agreement in Paris, but neither do they do much to improve its chances of success, sums up a press release from Oxfam International.

The package agreed in Lima establishes a draft for a Paris agreement, even without specifying or going into the most difficult political issues, which have plagued global efforts to respond to climate change for more than 20 years.

The agreement allows countries to raise their commitments for the year 2015 (INDC) regardless of what would really correspond to them if they were equitable.

Nor does it guarantee that the actions offered by the countries will be carried out on the basis of common and comprehensive information, nor does it have mechanisms to review whether the actions will prevent catastrophic warming or not.

Virtually nothing has been done to increase the ambition of the deal in the short term, despite scientists warning that it is necessary, says Oxfam International.

Weak financing commitment

Two weeks before the negotiations there was $ 10 billion committed to the Green Climate Fund. COP 20 was ripe for negotiators to focus on pinpointing how developed countries could scale their commitments to reach the promised goal of $ 100 billion.

However, the negotiators did very little to advance in this area and the current text does not provide any guarantee that developed countries are ready and willing to fulfill the financial promises previously made.

"We are not going to reach an agreement in Paris without prior progress on financing, and what Lima has contributed is simply not enough," Byanyima said. "The need is immense, and a balanced package cannot be articulated without a strong component of financing."

The blockade of industrialized countries

Despite the fact that the US and China arrived in Lima with favorable winds, they showed little interest in reaching an agreement, rather creating obstacles on issues such as climate finance and how to distribute responsibility for action in the long term.

India resisted efforts to ensure that the commitments towards 2015 are properly made. And although the European Union made previous promises that were well received for the Green Climate Fund, as well as a new emissions target, during the round of negotiations it preferred to rest on its laurels.

Such attitudes were in contrast to those of some Latin American countries, which consistently demonstrated a constructive stance that exceeded expectations.

The group of African countries made a last effort to tighten the provisions in the text on finance, but their efforts failed to restore the necessary ambition.

Many fragile island nations and poor countries strongly pushed for Loss and Damage - those initiatives that protect communities that cannot adapt to the inevitable impacts of a changing climate - to be a central part of the Lima decision. These initiatives have been systematically blocked by developed countries.

Future of uncertainty and hopelessness

The result does little to turn the tide toward a warming of 3 degrees or more that would threaten the lives of millions of people around the world, worsen poverty and hunger, and slow economic growth. Fifty million people could go hungry in the next few years if the current path is followed.

"Here in Lima we hoped to correct course, but the negotiators were content to sail straight into the storm," Byanyima said.

“The year 2014 saw half a million people take to the streets to demand action on the climate, followed by the largest climate march in Latin American history this week. The result shows that even greater efforts will be needed before reaching Paris, ”continued the Oxfam International representative.

“The women farmers I met this week and the tens of thousands of people I marched with here in Lima demand action before it is too late,” Byanyima said. "Citizens and affected people are fed up with cowardly politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen who constantly excuse themselves."


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