The planet is in the hands of those who profit from the destruction of nature

The planet is in the hands of those who profit from the destruction of nature

Morales indicated that large companies are behind the failed attempts at agreements together with the governments of industrialized countries and called on the leaders to "put a brake on capitalist accumulation and create another civilization, another society, another education, another culture that does not believe in the god money but in the human being and mother nature. "

The Bolivian president maintained that, as long as this does not occur, meetings such as the COP are "a burden of hypocrisy, racism and neocolonialism," which in practice "are not a dialogue but a failed monologue" in which the most vulnerable peoples "They have moved us like chips."

"After three decades of talks, we continue at the same starting point. Our peoples should no longer participate in mock agreements that go nowhere," said the Aymara president. "The peoples must take control of the government wherever possible, and, where not, we have to put pressure on governments and companies," he stressed. Morales was the first head of state to speak at the High Level phase of COP20 (Twentieth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

The meeting began last week but with technical teams that are now being joined by politicians. The task of COP20 is to order the agreements to be reached at COP21 in 2015 in Paris, with which 195 planets are supposedly committed to preventing global warming of the Earth from exceeding an average of two degrees Celsius.


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