Sri Lanka: newspaper created with mosquito repellent ink

Sri Lanka: newspaper created with mosquito repellent ink

By Francisco Guerrero

Dengue is a tragic reality in countries like Sri Lanka and the authorities and social organizations do not skimp on measures to eradicate it.
One of them comes from nothing less than a communication medium, because the most popular newspaper of the so-called "Indian tear", a nation with more than 130 thousand people affected by the disease, has decided that each letter and each word of its newspaper are printed with mosquito repellent ink.
The newspaper began a campaign with advertising signs at bus stops, static that also had repellent but decided to go further. Now, the newspaper that is sold twice a day in the country, created the "mawbima paper" that contains the insect repellent ink, which is made on the basis of citronella, a natural essence.
The circulation of the newspaper increased in sales and new editions of it are expected for the population, all in the middle of a campaign to prevent the spread of dengue and that it has, in addition to ink with insecticide to vaccines and portable patches with repellent within it. most used in that country.

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