Don't let your tree end up in the garbage can

Don't let your tree end up in the garbage can

By Anxela Iglesias Press

At least two million pines, spruces, firs and other trees will soon end up in landfills, after spending a couple of weeks full of balls in living rooms and living rooms. For the most part, these are non-native species, which will not receive the minimum care essential for their survival and which represent another waste in a time of consumer excess. Ecologists in Action invites you to celebrate the holidays in a different way, decorating your houses with creativity and available materials, without the need to condemn any tree to the trash. The #VerdeNavidad campaign calls for the sharing of images of these decorative alternatives through social networks.

Despite what may be believed, municipal tree collection campaigns, after the holidays, in many cases do nothing more than reassure consumers. A large part of the trees collected dry up due to the poor conditions in which they arrive at the collection points. For example, the lack of a root ball, that is, the precise root system for the plant to absorb the nutrients necessary for its survival, is common.

The small part of the trees that survive can only be used as garden plants, since as they are foreign species they should not be replanted in our mountains. They would not adapt or create problems similar to those of many invasive species from ornamental crops.

If you choose to have a Christmas tree indoors, it would be reasonable to use a native species and actively inform yourself about the necessary care for its survival and well-being.

The native vegetation is a pending issue and the Christmas season could be an opportunity to make plantations with these species that will better adapt to the natural environment once transplanted.

A much better alternative is to use creativity and imagination to spruce up living rooms and halls at these parties. For this reason, Ecologistas en Acción launches #VerdeNavidad, a campaign on social networks in which it invites you to share images of these decorative proposals. "Trees" made with cardboard boxes, with branches, with newspaper, with pinecones and even with cushions. The campaign extends to other decorative proposals, such as figurines made from bottle corks, handmade gifts and recipes based on seasonal and local products. These are much more sustainable alternatives, but also cheaper and more fun, in which girls and boys can also participate.

Over the next few weeks, Ecologistas en Acción will share on social networks the images of decorative alternatives arrived with the hashtag #VerdeNavidad.

Ecologists in Action

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