The so-called "poor man's fridge" works without electricity

The so-called

Its inventor is called Mansukhbhai Prajapati and his creation has received the name of Mitticool and is ideal for developing areas where access to electricity is not always possible.

The refrigerator is made of clay and works on the principle of evaporation; the water in the upper chamber drips on both sides and when it evaporates it absorbs the heat from within, reducing the temperature.

There is a Spanish OLTU prototype winner of the James Dyson Award 2013 created by Fabio Molinas, a student at the European Institute of Design in Madrid, very similar because it consists of an eco-efficient refrigeration system that takes advantage of the heat expelled by the fridge to cool some containers located above it.

Fruits and vegetables that do not necessarily need to be in the refrigerator can be stored in these containers. These containers are always moist thanks to the water tanks located in them, so the food is always fresh and hydrated. All the user has to do is refill these water tanks from time to time.
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Video: Save food from the fridge. Jihyun Ryou. TEDxEutropolis (June 2021).