Syngenta GM corn rejected in Mexico. RALLT Bulletin N ° 590

Syngenta GM corn rejected in Mexico. RALLT Bulletin N ° 590

René Sánchez Galindo, lawyer and director of the Asociación Civil Colectivas, an opposition group to transgenics, explained that the relevance of the sentence issued today is vital, since five guarantee trials are pending, processed by companies like Monsanto that seek to overturn the ban of transgenic planting ordered by Judge Jaime Manuel Marroquín, head of the Second Unitary Court in Civil and Administrative matters of the First Circuit.

The Asociación Colectivas, together with 20 other organizations and 53 citizens, filed a lawsuit against Syngenta seeking to prevent the planting of transgenic corn in Mexico.

With the ruling, the judicial authorities gave the order to Sagarpa and Semarnat not to grant new permits and suspend those issued for transgenic corn crops.

At the moment, there are 72 complaints from companies against the decision to prohibit the cultivation of transgenics in the country, this more than 1 year after the lawsuit was filed and 11 months after the precautionary measure was issued ordering Sagarpa and Semarnat refrain from activities aimed at granting permits for the release of genetically modified corn into the environment, dispense with carrying out procedures for its release into the environment, and suspend the granting of release permits in any of its phases, be it commercial, experimental or pilot.

They ratify a magistrate who prohibited the planting of transgenic corn to Monsanto

Despite the fact that the multinational Monsanto tried to exclude Judge Jaime Manuel Marroquín Zaleta from the case initiated by the Asociación Colectivas, to prevent the planting of transgenic corn in Mexico, a ruling resolved on Wednesday gave the judge the possibility of continuing to hear the trial for a judgment of the third Collegiate Court that invalidated the appeal filed by Monsanto.

“Neither all the economic power of the multinational Monsanto, nor the legal accusations made by a dozen of its lawyers, managed to derail Judge Jaime Manuel Marroquín, also head of the Second Unitary Court in Civil and Administrative matters of the First Circuit, who on 20 Last December it ordered to maintain the precautionary measure that, since September 17, 2013, prevents the planting of all types of transgenic corn in all of Mexico, due to the risk of damage to the environment and health, "said the Collective Association yesterday in a statement .

The statement adds that “on February 28 of this year, the controversial company Monsanto, which has been questioned throughout the world for its lack of ethics, filed a recusal incident against Judge Marroquín Zaleta, accusing him of partiality in the trial in against the planting of transgenic corn. By April 21, Monsanto had lost the legal procedure called the recusal incident, which prompted its lawyers to promote amparo 49/2014.

“On June 12, the First Unitary Court in Civil and Administrative Matters rejected the protection of the transnational; for which the industry filed an appeal for review. Finally, on August 15, the Third Collegiate Court in Civil Matters, in the ruling that resolved the appeal for review 182/2014, definitively invalidated the arguments that tried to withdraw Judge Marroquín from the trial.

"There are no more legal resources that Monsanto can turn to to remove the magistrate," explained the lawyer René Sánchez Galindo, director of Colectivas AC, an organization that, together with the law firm of Bernardo Bátiz, was entrusted with the defense of corn natives or criollos, on behalf of the group of 53 people and 20 organizations, which in July 2013 promoted the class action lawsuit.

"They accused him of acting with partiality, of lack of judicial ethics, but after an incident, an injunction and an appeal for review, Judge Marroquín was ratified to continue hearing about the trial," Sánchez added.

With information from La Jornada de Oriente

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