How to save on water, heating and electricity. The basic tricks

How to save on water, heating and electricity. The basic tricks

We are going to remember some of the basic tricks that will help us to reduce the consumption of basic services such as water, electricity and heating. We take care of the environment and save money on bills.

How to reduce water consumption

Saving water is no longer just an economic issue, but a social conscience, as it is a good that, in many periods of drought, is scarce. Therefore, it is important to take steps to reduce your consumption. A very effective way is to use economizing taps, which we can install ourselves. We will only have to remove the current tap, place the rubber gasket on the new one and fit it. These types of taps save up to 50% of water.

The same thing happens in the shower, where we can install the so-called saving handles, which mix the water with the air, reducing the amount of water. Thus, if we do not want to change the one we have, we can install a reducer

It is very important to avoid damaged taps that leak, as they can lose up to 30 liters of water a day. It is also essential to detect any leakage and, for this, we can carry out checks on the water meter, to see its variation.

In the case of the cistern, the double discharge ones allow to greatly reduce the cost. A cistern collects around 12 liters of water. With the double discharge, we have a double button that allows us to discharge different amounts of water, for example, 3 liters with the small one and 9 with the large one, depending on the amount we need. In addition, this system can be installed in old tanks. For its part, a trick to check for leaks in the cistern is to add a few drops of ink or dye. If after a few minutes the water has taken on the color, it means that there are no leaks.

In the case of the garden or plants, drip irrigation is essential to reduce consumption. In addition, we can use a water meter to control the amount we use.

Save on electricity and electricity

According to the organization FACUA- Consumidores en Acción, the electricity bill has risen more than 80% in the last 10 years, which encourages the need to reduce consumption. Thus, the type of electrical appliances that we choose for our homes is fundamental in this task, since they are classified by their energy efficiency, being those of classification A (A +, A ++ and A +++) those that consume the least.

In addition, there are some basic 'rules' such as avoiding leaving the appliances enstan-by, using fluorescent tubes in rooms where the light is going to be on for several hours, since they consume less and last longer, using several halogens instead of a large point of light in very large rooms, so that we can illuminate the room by zones, and control the power that we have contracted, in case it is excessive.

Save on heating

One of the main fears in winter is that the high heating bill will arrive. However, in colder geographical areas it is practically a staple good, but one that can be optimized.

For this, it is important to remember that the 19-21º temperature is necessary to maintain a pleasant environment, as reported in the Savings Action Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. This temperature should be reduced to 15º when we leave home.

On the other hand, it is also essential to take other measures such as not covering the radiators, turning it off when we go to sleep, ventilating the house in the morning before turning it on and having a good thermal insulation installed at home. To promote this insulation we can install PVC windows or shutters, as well as weatherstripping on the doors.

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