Novartis flu vaccines recalled due to suspicious deaths

Novartis flu vaccines recalled due to suspicious deaths

By Anastasia Gubin

Until that moment there were only three deceased reported, however the number of victims rose to 11 during the day of 28, all of them elderly, as they were being supplied to the elderly, according to reports from Rai News.

In its first statement, AIFA stated that “in the cases in question,adverse reactions after administration of the vaccine, and deaths occurred in three cases, but at the moment it is not clear if it is a coincidence or if there is a link with vaccination ”.

The agency announced that "all elements of the context will be analyzed, including, for example, the health status of patients, their age and the diseases from which they suffer."

He also mentioned that the death of three vaccinated occurred 48 hours after the drug was administered, and that a fourth patient is in serious condition.

The agency noted that it withdrew lots 142 701 and 143 301 of the vaccine, “until the necessary elements are available, including the results of investigations on samples already collected, to evaluate a possible causal relationship with the administration of doses of the two lots of the vaccine ”.

Patients who have the “packs” of the vaccine Fluad urged to "check the batch number on the package and, if it matches one of those for which the use was prohibited, consult your doctor for the evaluation of alternative vaccine ”.

However, during the day of the 28th, new deaths were documented, reaching 11 reported cases, which triggered the alarm in the population, according to press media such as Rai, Corriere and Repubblica.

In a new statement, AIFA explained that one of the new victims was vaccinated with a different batch than those withdrawn, of the same FLUAD product. Despite this, he pointed out that the suspension of the vaccination program was not recommended.

While the Ministry of Health enabled a green telephone number 1500 to attend to inquiries, deaths of people vaccinated by different batches began to be reported: from Veneto, Piemonte, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Umbria, reported the Repubblica media. Deaths were previously reported in Rome, Parma and Syracuse.

Even so, the AIFA agency insisted today that "vaccination is safe", and recalled that seasonal flu and its complications can lead to cases of severe intensity and hit "more frequently in patients over 60 years of age and who have pre-existing chronic diseases. "

On the number of deaths, Silvio Garattini, founder and director of the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute in Milan, Speaking to Fatto Quotidiano, stressed that "I do not think it is a fact of cause and effect", adding that "in Italy they die more than a thousand people a day. "

"People's advanced age suggests it may be for other reasons," Garattini said. When asked about possible adverse effects of the virus proteins present in vaccines, he acknowledged that "it cannot be excluded at all, but if that were the cause, many more people would have died."

The Prosecutor's Office in Siena, a city in Tuscany, launched an investigation without establishing charges. Novartis has its establishments in this region, in the towns of Palio and Rosia.

In 2012 the Italian Ministry of Health ordered therecall of half a million Novartis brand influenza vaccines for collateral effects, and gave a notice to Europe and Canada, in case the product was commercialized, reported the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA).

In this case, three out of a thousand vaccines were affected by protein aggregation in the four types of influenza vaccines that the company markets.

Last May the same pharmaceutical company was involved in a millionaire compensation.

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Health today anothercollateral case of a vaccine, happened previously. A judge in Milan decided compensation for a child with autism, related to the exavalent vaccine.

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