COP20: Participants will use ecological vehicles to mobilize

COP20: Participants will use ecological vehicles to mobilize

The PCM indicated in a statement that the government has 171 units that run on gas for the United Nations (UN) Framework Convention that will bring together representatives from 195 countries from December 1 to 12 in the capital of the South American country.

COP20 participants will prepare a draft of commitments on greenhouse gas reduction, which will be presented at COP21 to be held in the French city of Paris in 2015.

According to the statement, one of the concerns of the participating countries is the alteration of the planet's temperature generated by the emission of gases, which threatens with unpredictable effects on the world population.

The organizers of the event will carry out the meeting "Voices for the climate" in parallel, where representatives of indigenous peoples and civil society will make known their concerns regarding the threats of climate change.

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