88 Reasons for Conscious Menstruation

88 Reasons for Conscious Menstruation

Thanks to all the women who responded to this invitation to share their reasons for Conscious Menstruation. We hope this list will serve those who are curious and interested in knowing the reasons why so many women around the world have left disposable pads and tampons behind.

Here is the compilation of reasons we received from the participants. Thank you all for participating and for being part of this change!

1. Reusable products let you take charge. Yes, take care of yourself, what your body produces, how often and how.

2. I believe that it is an essential step to become a full woman, aware of your body, your sexuality, your emotions, your actions and your risks.

3. (You don't) pay a monthly income for being a woman.

4. I will no longer pay to get away from myself. Never more.

5. Tampons have asbestos and dioxin pads

6. Alternative products promote reflection, dedication, an acceptance that is not hidden, that does not feel guilty.

7. Using washable towels, sponges, a cup, (I still don't have the pleasure of knowing your woven tampons), goes hand in hand with being aware of the date of the pap smear, the self-examination of the breasts, the record of the date and the duration the bleeding (…) of the detergent I use, and of what I eat, and of my affective relationships, and of my reproductive capacity.

8. I tell the universe that I am very happy to be a woman, to bleed every 28 days, to be healthy and to feel loved.

9. I no longer want to throw a part of myself in the trash and pretend that I forget.

10. I no longer intend to hide my menstruation.

11. For me the first is that you don't make so much garbage that it drowns the planet.

12. (The cloth towel) is more comfortable in the sense that cotton is always softer than products with plastic meshes

13. (Cloth feminine pads) allow more natural ventilation and air circulation

14. Do not put plastic substances in your body or that often come from oil in your body that in the long run are harmful

15. Most brands (of disposable towels) caused me allergies, first because they added deodorants or odor blockers that were so strong that they made me get hives

16. The economy is another important reason, although at first it seems like excessive spending, in the long run it is something that you do not throw away but rather recycle and reuse.

17. If one does this type of action and speaks in favor of it, (our daughters, nieces or simply other people begin to at least think of it as something feasible and responsible.

18. I think the main reason to switch from disposable to reusable is health.

19. Disposable feminine pads have chemicals inside them that have been associated with toxic shock syndrome from tampons.

20. When I used disposable towels almost month after month I had vaginal infections that ranged from moderate to severe, I really did not know what the reason was if I was taking special care in my hygiene and it did not matter if I had an active sex life or not, the infections always They appeared recurrently, since I used cloth towels, which will be approximately 1 year and a half, I have not suffered a single vaginal infection once

21. For me the bad smells, the itching, the flow, everything, this because the cloth towels allow air to circulate, they are breathable and this prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi very common with the use of disposable towels. .

22. Natural comfort. Chafing is something typical of the use of disposable feminine pads, it does not matter if the misleading advertising says "cloth type" they also rub in the same way, this thanks to the absorbent chemicals that hurt your skin, it is like disposable baby diapers that When the chemical comes into contact with the urine, they irritate the skin of babies to form blisters and it is necessary to use moisture-repellent creams to lessen the damage to the skin, in the same way they act in sanitary napkins, only here There is no special cream to use on those days that can help the moisture and chemicals not affect the sensitive skin of the vagina, if your period lasts for more than two days it is almost certain to have irritation and if we talk about women with long periods From 6 to 8 days the irritation becomes as annoying as diaper scratches, with cloth towels this is something that is completely eliminated, you will never be rubbed or wet, as they do not contain super absorbent chemicals s that irritate the skin.

23. Out with the bad smell. The menstruation blood itself does not have any odor, the odor comes from chemicals in contact with it, that unpleasant smell characteristic of menstruation that all disposable users have perceived many times ends when using disposable towels or reusable tampons Since it does not contain chemicals, there is no bad smell.

24. No noise. It is quite annoying, especially when you are a teenager and you enter a public bathroom, the annoying noise of plastic bags and disposable towels, with the fabric you completely forget about this.

25. Absorption. Generally one of the biggest fears when using cloth towels is absorption, whether or not it will be the same as a disposable and we can get stained when using them, well cloth towels work exactly the same as a disposable, for health and hygiene a disposable towel is It should be changed every 3 or 4 hours at the most, well, the same cloth ones and this ensures that we will not have runoffs or accidents, in addition many cloth towels and they also have a waterproof layer to avoid any type of accidents.

26. Saving money: Each month depending on the duration of the menstrual cycle you should use one or two packages of disposable towels, 1 of regular towels, 1 of night towels and perhaps at the end of the period or during the rest of the month panty liners that is to say 3 packages of disposables per month, approximately a monthly expense of 85 pesos that per year will be 1,020 pesos if we talk about a woman having a fertile life of approximately 35 years, she will have spent a total of 35,700 pesos throughout her menstrual cycles, this It is quite a lot compared to the cost of cloth towels that last around 5 or 10 years, imagine spending 1000 pesos to have several cloth towels every 5 or 10 years? It is a lot of savings, right?

27. Always at hand: How many times has it happened to us that the least expected day the period arrives, the day you have not gone to the supermarket, on Sunday at 10 pm where the pharmacy is already closed and you don't have a single towel more what to do? Well, with the cloth towels this is over, you will always have them on hand for any emergency 365 days a year at all times, just by opening the drawer.

28. The ecological aspect. I do not understand how there can be no consciousness in humans about the destruction of nature, disposable diapers, towels and tampons take more than 500 years to degrade in landfills, it is unimaginable, Condemn our children or grandchildren to walk in our own waste, in this disposable society in which we live, where even personal relationships are. To have a little conscience for our planet is to return to the reusable, to the natural, instead of throwing our menstrual waste for 500 years on the planet, better to use cloth towels and give back a little of the life it gives us.

29. They are so easy to use and comfortable: Using cloth towels does not mean a sacrifice, a devastating task, something that cannot be done in our busy lives, where we can hardly breathe enough to still wash towels. Well, these pretexts are just that, it is so easy to use cloth towels and wash them, as simply to rinse them and throw them in the washing machine, hang them in the sun and that's it, like washing any garment, like washing pants or what do you go with plastic clazones, why laziness to wash them? Right not? the same goes for cloth towels.

30. Finding ourselves with our body, with our femininity and leaving taboos behind. I have heard hundreds of times the "oh, how disgusting to wash the blood" disgusting of what? why? Where does the disgust for your own body, your own blood come from? Disgust your woman nature? For many years, menstruation has been seen as something "impure", "dirty" that must be hidden, well, using cloth towels allows you to break these taboos, free yourself from them and find that balance of the feminine and our body, the blood that comes out of us is not dirty or impure and therefore causes conflict in our approach to it.

31. Reduction of periods. When I used disposable towels my period lasted about 5 days, well since I use cloth and the mooncup my period has been reduced to 3 days, one abundant and others very light, they are wonderful !!!

32. There are so many designs, shapes, sizes and they are so pretty. You can choose the one that best suits you, your body, your period, your style, there are many shapes, colors and sizes and all made with natural and reusable materials.

33. (Cloth towels) are so comfortable. The cloth towels are more voluminous than the disposable ones, because of these there are ultra-absorbent that look like a simple sheet of paper and that are the most harmful because they have the highest amount of absorbent chemicals, one day my gynecologist told me never to use this type, as they are the main responsible for vaginal infections, well cloth towels although they are a little thicker,

34. (The cloth towels) are super comfortable, because they are made of cotton, they are like bringing your underwear,

35. you take up less, when I used disposable panty liners I had to put one on in the morning and one at night and sometimes I would even remove them in pieces, well with fabric ones it's like wearing your underwear all day, they last perfectly and they They wash together with my clothes, very easy. (18)

36. (With alternative menstrual products) it goes down less, because tampax made of synthetic and / or disposable materials have something that makes you go down more so that you buy more of their product and yes, very verified that with natural materials, to any.

37. (Alternative menstrual products) are better for nature

38. (Alternative menstrual products) are better for our portfolio, because they will not go so easily to the trash (…), also you are not spending every month for new products (I see them as an investment)

39. (Alternative menstrual products) are faster to disintegrate, disposable products take years to disintegrate, but apart from all those that are used daily and bought, it is a disproportionate waste.

40. My ecological footprint (…) small things that we can change in order to change the world through our routine (…) the super cup,

41. (Menstruation) a natural process, which is not dirty at all

42. It is your body that they will take care of

43. They will be more comfortable

44. They will learn a lot about their body.

45. (Alternative menstrual products are) such a relief….

46. ​​When my baby came to this world we had to stay in the hospital for a few days because it had been a cesarean section and also my bleeding was quite abundant so I used adult diapers all day and there I realized that it was very uncomfortable and apart a whole oven! so I reconsidered the use of cloth diapers for my baby, I thought that if for me it was horrible for her much more

47. The smell was quite unpleasant (with the disposable towels).

48. (The disposable towels) was beginning to irritate my skin

49. It is almost instantly that you notice the difference (with cloth towels), it is like not bringing a towel you free yourself completely from those horrible plastic towels

50. (Cloth towels are) super easy to wash, it's just a matter of getting used to it and reaching a good relationship.

51. with your blood because if the truth is quite scandalous but nothing happens and after rinsing it several times with only water it is almost completely clean

52. They are super comfortable (cloth towels) they hardly ever feel over time you become familiar with your body and you feel comfortable and grateful to it even these days

53. You free yourself completely.

54. Saving can seem impressive, the truth with investing in them, in a few months you recover the investment and you still have them for many more months, if you take good care of them they look in perfect condition for a long time.

55. You are not carrying that aroma all the time, and if it may be that others do not notice it but you do and that is the important thing, you feel clean and you no longer smell so unpleasant.

56. You can stay dry almost always because if you want to change the towel a thousand times a day you can do it and you don't throw anything away, you just wash it, lay it down and in a few hours you have a clean and dry towel to use again, and still the sensation of humidity is accentuated too much with the disposable ones, with the fabric ones that no longer happens.

57. It seems that by the size as they are a little longer and thicker they would be noticed but it is not like that, it seems a seam like that of your own underwear and how you forget that you bring it because your security increases and others will never notice that you are in " your days. "

58. Your prejudices end, you become more open and these taboos that menstruation is bad end, rather you did not know how to face it with so many bad comments.

59. No more chafing

60. I have noticed that the infections decreased considerably and that I use an intrauterine device and the infections were every little while so not only save on towels, and when I notice that there is some flow or a strange smell I change my panty liner every few minutes and in a day or two this is over.

61. After some time of watering my plants with the water from the first rinse I have noticed that my plants look greener and have more leaves and I plant chili peppers which is my favorite by the way it gives many and bigger chilies.

62. I no longer pollute the planet, besides that you almost fill the bathroom trash can with them

63. And it seemed like no, or at least you don't notice it that much, but there is no longer that peculiar smell in the bathroom and the other members of your family don't have to put up with that either.

64. Are you sure what you put in contact in a place as sensitive as your genitals and that is completely clean and free of toxic things and harmful to your health.

65. You separate yourself from such large companies and support the craft work of other people, helping in the development of small businesses and new jobs.

66. My life would have been different if my parents had celebrated my first bleeding and made me familiar with it, so now that I think differently and I have a daughter when she grows up I will make her feel proud of what happens in her body and I will be able to avoid all the prejudices that grow with you with this topic, and I will be able to transmit this to all the women that I can.

67. No more white color, it is fine for people who prefer white but personally for me white is boring, the colors and shapes convey optimism and that is what happens to me when I use, wash and hang my towels.

68. Of course you always have accidents but I am already convinced that in terms of operation, cloth towels are better than disposable ones, they absorb the same and do not stain, what more can you ask for?

69. It is very easy to wash them, the water and soaking with a little soapy water do everything for you, and also you always have them on hand when you need them.

70. If you need to change in public you take your bag and nobody knows what you are wearing, so they are very discreet.

71. Very comfortable, hygienic, practical to carry out daily activities (with alternative menstrual products).

72. Although at first it seems expensive (the option of cloth towels), when I did the math I noticed that in less than a year it would have paid for itself with the savings of disposable products

73. I don't (throw) as much trash as with the use of plastic towels.

74. I bought it three months ago and it started a wonderful experience for me as a woman.

75. I verified that all the benefits they spoke about were true, but I discovered several more things

76. It allowed me to be in contact with my body to discover where and how to place it (menstrual cup). The possibility of using my hands to insert and remove it, knowing the texture, temperature and sensations inside my body was a new and pleasant experience.

77. Putting on and removing the glass is a very clean process, contrary to what you might think, because doing it carefully, there are no spills or accidents.

78. Observing the fluid of my menstruation allowed me to understand this process in a completely different way than what I was used to with conventional towels, which you use for several hours and they become unpleasant (hot, odorous, etc.). With the glass I could see, for the first time in my life, what the blood that my body evacuates every month looks like and it seemed to me an intimate and pleasant experience and I thought that everything that makes us think about how to keep ourselves "clean and fresh" through The use of disposable products is a way of making us believe that our menstruation is "dirty" and after seeing it actually, I found that it is actually quite clean. After three months of using it (the cup) I have not had a single accident or uncomfortable experience, except for the first day I had a bit of trouble getting it out, but there's nothing a little relaxation can't fix.

79. The use of the menstrual cup confirmed something that I had long suspected: I love being a woman!

80. It is a different experience, gentler with your body and with the planet.

81. The menstrual cup has been the way to be in contact with myself as a woman and to discover how wonderful my body is and enjoy all its states for what they are: a miracle of nature.

82. With the use of these products we avoid the accumulation of so much plastic produced by the use of commercial feminine pads.

83. Both menstrual cups and cotton pads are super cheap in the long run.

84. Cotton cloth towels do not irritate and are healthier for the genital area.

85. Cotton cloth feminine pads can be even more absorbent and thus avoid "staining" during the menstrual period.

86. The use of cloth feminine towels reduces the bad odors that plastic feminine towels often have.

87. They are very durable and are up to 90% degradable.

88. Even when changing the towel or cloth tampon if soaked in hot water, that "dirty" water (with blood) can serve as "compost".

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