Venezuela: The seed does not belong to us, we and we belong to the seed

Venezuela: The seed does not belong to us, we and we belong to the seed

By Del Rosario Ignacio Denis

The mode of reproduction of capital has an inefficient, seductive, deceptive and voracious recreative ideological source when it comes to addressing theoretical models that dissociated the existential, original, ontological, cosmogonic harmony between nature, culture and society, they will never rest to try to divorce legal truths from political truths to impose its true truth, that of maximizing profit at the expense of nature regardless of many species of life, including the human species, its extractivist principles argue from the deceptive free regulation of the market, they exercise that anti-democratic freedom and always seek to legitimize an entity, an institution, that is to say a representative minority, they are the experts in charge of: certifying, investigating, supervising, guarding, holding or patenting the rights and knowledge, in the name of technification, growth from higher productivity and as the only way to achieve unlimited development and progress adored overpowering very limited lives such as: the land, the seed, the water, the forests, none of these do not belong to us, because we and we belong to them.

The constituent debate of the seed law in Venezuela from the popular power transcends a merely legal issue, in this way they have been assumed since the 1st International Meeting of Seed Guardians in Monte Carmelo, Lara State, where more than 300 people, belonging to to 100 organizations, with representation of brothers and sisters from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, meeting from October 26 to 29, 2012 declared: "In the case of Venezuela we have an immense challenge: to appropriate the feeling that agroecology is the way to true emancipation in the framework of an oil rentier economy that continues to commodify nature with its extractivist practices."

We recognize that the transformation of this model will be fraught with tensions and contradictions, and therefore we understand the need to start as soon as possible. It is urgent, inevitable and it is in this context that we invite the country to assume the peasant and indigenous seed as the foundation for the construction of Eco socialism, through the rescue of the ancestral practices of production, custody and multiplication of them.

We consider that Master Nature is the most lucid and current living school that we can access to awaken our consciences.

Recognizing that indigenous people, conuqueros, peasants and small-scale peasants and agroecological fighters are their most attentive interpreters, we believe that they are the ones who can guide us on this path towards post-capitalism.

In this statement they synthesize a clear vision of the world that is radically anti-capitalist, humanist and as fundamental pillars for Eco-Socialism: as guardians of the seed they left a concrete proposal oriented on four fundamental axes:

1) Production, custody, multiplication,

2) Legislation and public policies

3) Research and education,

4) Communication.

The historical role of the peasant, peasant, and indigenous people is transcendental in these issues, in a political, economic revolution, the cultural thread is popular wisdom, the essence is in that integrating capacity, of the human and of nature to balance in The ethical as well as the ecological, with that attitude the Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez raises and commits us to the fifth historical objectives of the plan of the homeland, with that same attitude Brother Evo Morales raises and cries out to the countries of the world, for the right to mother earth, with its ten commandments to save the planet, humanity and life.

Nature today is the whole of the socio-economy of the universe, also a center of global concern, however there are few historical subjects that consistently assume another metabolic mode of capital, nature has a tangible thing that has cycles energy, but which must and has to be balanced with culture and society, contrary to what happens today because the balance is broken, overflowing in the dominance of society over nature and always concerned about who they are going to to belong.

The word agriculture comes from Latin, formed ager, agri, (field, cultivation) and cultura (cultivation activity, cultivated), derive from the verb colere (cultivate, inhabit), following the RAE dictionary, the suffix –ura has a related quality with the word from which they derive, where culture, therefore, would be the essential of the habitat, care, carving, honor, respect, celebration.

The consolidation of a coherent agriculture to an Eco-socialist project, to an economic revolution, to a cultural revolution, inevitably forces to problematize the so-called modern, mechanistic, mercantile science, I mean that inefficient, seductive, deceptive and voracious recreative ideological source that place everyone hostage on this single planet, according to the defenders of the "Agro-as-Business" they only make use of technology and genetic engineering to improve the productivity of the soil and crops to reduce hunger in the world, science has managed that the seeds are genetically modified only to be more resistant to pests and can adapt to different climates and soils generating more productivity, it is the deception that transnationals sow to bring the world to its knees with food imposing its technological package, it is the visible face of hunger, of pollution, it has a lot to do with global warming, economic crisis, food crisis.

Agriculture, agroecology is a political fact for liberation and for life, it comes from the culture of peace, Agro-Business and the so-called green revolution is for domination and destruction, coming from war.

Let us continue defending a new seed law as the heritage of the peoples at the service of humanity, betting from popular power with agroecology, beyond a productive model, as the tool of struggle for agri-food sovereignty and EcoSocialism, for the defense of the planet and humanity.

“I have irrefutable proof of the wisdom of the people in the great resolutions; and that is why I have always preferred their opinions to those of the wise " Hugo Chavez "Let's articulate popular wisdom, we have knowledge, political culture, let's articulate the Bolivarian and Chavista heritage and you will see that socialism as a human miracle will become a reality in our homeland progressively and we will see it with our eyes, socialism as a superior society. " Nicolás Maduro President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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