The 10 socio-environmental problems of Latin America

The 10 socio-environmental problems of Latin America

By Carlos Fermín

From the Aztec winds that blow in Michoacán de Ocampo, passing through the fierce Rio de Janeiro population of Florianópolis, and reaching the Argentine climax in the cold city of Ushuaia, there is a total dissonance in the interaction of the Environment-Society binomial, which is the key to strengthen conservationism in citizenship and preserve the holistic balance of planet Earth. We see that the possible will for change in the inhabitants, to avoid the negative environmental impact in their communities, is always ruined by a selfish, conformist way of life and oblivious to practicing the values ​​of Ecology.

At present in our continent, a total eclecticism is observed in latent ecological mishaps. For example, we have the famous Dakar Rally, seen as a pseudo-sporting event that spoils the archaeological heritage of multicultural borders. Shows of animal abuse such as the bloody Bullfights, which are staged in the monumental dens of death. The systematic waste of drinking water that opens the rusty pipes of the infamous bureaucracy. And the meddling visual pollution that capitalizes on the attachment to the material with so much advertising on the streets.

However, to understand the seriousness of the environmental crisis that Latin America is suffering, it is important to define Ecology as a science that studies the relationships of Living Beings with each other and with their environment, assuming that Humanity has the great responsibility of caring for the natural treasures of Gaia, seeking to establish the dreamed of sustainable and sustainable development of its cities. In order to illuminate the sacred map of Vespucci, we will explain the 10 socio-environmental problems that afflict the body and soul of the Latin American trails.

In tenth place we find the thunderous Noise Pollution, which bursts the eardrums of the asphalt layer traveled by Civil Society. Many individuals get used to hearing the annoyance of the horns and the alarms of the cars and trucks, the wild cylinder capacity of the furious motorcycles, the music with very high volume that invades the streets with megaphones, and the uncontrolled noise of the community in the spaces public. However, hearing insanity in the concrete jungle causes continuous emotional distress in people, predisposing to a bad temper, offense to others and dangerous road violence in desperate drivers. Although noise is the best friend of city traffic, traffic lights and traffic jams in Sao Paulo, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Quito, Lima, Santiago and Mexico City, at the end of so much timed madness at the wheel, the The only harmed ends up being the blind, deaf and dumb Environment.

In ninth place we find the illegal Traffic of exotic Fauna, which every year profits the pockets of Latin American criminal fugitives, who dedicate themselves to invade the blessed temples of biodiversity, in exchange for sedating, hiding and selling the fate of the entire animal kingdom on a plane with no return ticket. It is regrettable to appreciate how autochthonous species that enrich the history, evolution and natural heritage of our countries, are on the verge of extinction due to the non-mercy of Homo Sapiens. The hunters have in check the Jaguar, the Scarlet Macaw, the Frontino bear, the Little Cardinal, the Ocelot, the Toucan, the Giant Armadillo, the Olive Turtle, the Giant Otter, the Red Cauquén, the Helmet Helmet, and Thousands of other little angels who ran into the devil. In fact, we have already extinguished the Floreana Giant Tortoise, the Mexican Bear, the Monteverde Toad, the Guatemalan Poc Duck, the Caribbean Monk Seal, the Glaucous Macaw and the beautiful Ara Tricolor.

In eighth place is the high Air Pollution that causes a gigantic black cloud in the open sky, intoxicating the respiratory tract of citizens and suffocating the plant lungs of the Environment, through the improvised industrialization of urban and rural areas that are transformed into full chimneys of chemical reactions, product of the activities carried out by the Latin American economic sector. There is no doubt that the mixture of the classic street smog with the exaggerated use of fuels has been accelerating the environmental pollution that covers the beautiful Zócalo square, which suffers from the damage of leaded gasoline, carbon monoxide and ashes by burning solid waste, which in turn reflects the overcrowding of the metropolis, the poor condition of public transport units and the vile whim of users to use private cars to go to their jobs, educational centers and homes.

In seventh place we have the illegal Mining camps, which extract the legendary resources of the aboriginal soil under the brilliant light of the Sun. intoxicating with mercury the regions, rivers and forests of the indigenous brothers, who observe how their fighting spirit is turned into a tragic ethnocide announced. It is known that in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela, there is a whole “clandestine” mafia that drastically deteriorates the protected green areas, giving expensive jewels to the governments of the moment, so that their environmental agencies remain silent and do not interfere with the courageous ecotourism of drug traffickers, guerrillas and miners. Just travel to the Madre de Dios region in Peru, the Canaima National Park in Venezuela, the Protected Forest of the Paute River Basin in Ecuador, the Farallones de Cali National Natural Park in Colombia, and any cardinal point in the South American Amazon. to verify the crime red-handed.

In sixth place appears the plague of transgenic food crops, developed by the transnational Monsanto and its criminal business allies. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a true over-the-counter packaged disease in Latin American supermarkets. In addition, the label that visualizes the toxicity of the food tends to be hidden, so our families are deceived into believing that they are buying soybeans and corn harvested in the fertile grass of Nature, without knowing that they consume a chemical product created in the dirty. laboratories of American science. We know that in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile, food safety is put at clear risk due to the threat posed by GMOs to citizens. It is an open secret that the transgenic seed causes allergies, drug resistance, inflammation in the liver and kidneys, decreased fertility capacity and tumors.

In fifth place emerges the lethal Hydraulic Fracture, which never tires of piercing the heart of a great precious stone called planet Earth, which is drilled with a deadly liquid cocktail so that the money comes out of the wells in the form of gas. The extractive technique of fracking is an unconventional seismic pump that cracks the boundaries of human sanity, and increases the contamination of aquifers, dumps a wastewater flow, leaks methane and hydrogen sulfide into the air and undermines the quality of life. of the innocent locals. The environmental ravages of Fracking are strongly evident in Mexico, where the energy reform legalized the ecological disaster in towns such as Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Durango, Veracruz and Chihuahua. And in Argentina, where the approval of the Hydrocarbons Law in October 2014, will allow for 35 years to continue financing the ecocide of fracking in Argentine soils, seeking that the bitter experience of Vaca Muerta, accredits more juicy concessions against the peace of the Environment.

In fourth place, the Abuse of Electricity Consumption stands out, because we do not practice Energy Efficiency of our own free will, generating a very high demand for electricity that saturates the Latin American sky with light pollution. We were left blind in the gloom of the blackouts due to the overload of the mentioned service. The absence of energy diversification in the communities we inhabit, enslaves us to pay tribute to the yellow color that glows with so many incandescent bulbs that are never turned off, with so many technological devices that we never disconnect from the outlet, and with so many electrical appliances that simply plug in. drink green tea. The high monthly charge for electricity in Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, hurts the consequent electricity savings of Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

In third place, the immense Water Pollution that floods the bodies of fresh and salt water of our millenary lakes, rivers and seas stands out. Although the vital liquid evokes the birth of life in every corner of Latin America, it pains us to accept that such water is highly polluted, due to so much domestic and industrial garbage that accumulates on its coasts, which is destroying the purity of tropical springs. Today, the seabed is the best landfill created by people to dispose of scrap metal. They also visualize the colossal fishing nets that eat away at aquatic animals, and the spill of hydrocarbons in the hands of the oil companies, which leave an indelible mark of crude oil in their waters. The chaos includes Lake Maracaibo, the Usumacinta River, the Centla Swamps, the Saracuruna River, San José Island, Lake Cocibolca, La Segua Wetland, the Matanza-Riachuelo River, Lake Titicaca, the Guaire River. and other natural spaces.

Secondly, we come across the aggressive deforestation that annually takes millions of hectares and tears away from the dying Pachamama, due to the indiscriminate felling of trees with the infallible voice of the chainsaw, due to the continuous expansion of the agricultural frontier to eat meat with drug wrapped in oily palm, and by the atrocious urbanization of the 21st century that transforms a biosphere reserve into a metallic shopping center. Fire, wood and the ax fight to the death with the peasants, the woodcutters and the landowners. The reality of pesticides sweeps away the promise of agroecology. Therefore, the Amazon deforestation in Brazil increased by 290% during the month of September 2014, compared to the month of September 2013, summarizing the fatal trend that desertifies the Paraguayan Chaco, Bosawás, Cerro de Amalucan, the Impenetrable Chaqueño, the Guarayos Forest Reserve, and a host of other landscapes.

And in the first place, the lack of Recycling Culture is positioned in the discernment of Latin American citizens. It is unusual that people still throw in the main streets, parks and squares of our cities: Coca Cola cans, candy packages, disposable diapers, scratched compact discs, boxes of electronic equipment and the rest of the organic and inorganic waste consumed. If they do not even dump the garbage in the generic multipurpose container that we all know, it is impossible for them to dare to separate the plastic, glass, cardboard, metal and paper, and then deposit those materials in the colored containers that they specify the ideal place to throw the garbage. The worst thing is that the environmental ministries of Latin America DO NOT promote the practice of 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) at all, because the men and women who work there do not know how to practice it either.

We just have to travel to the Paraguayan Chaco, to have a 360-degree view of environmental impunity in Latin America. In January 2014, it was demonstrated that its native forests have the highest deforestation rate on a global scale, due to the advance of livestock activity with foreign capital, which is authorized and legalized by Paraguayan government entities. This terrible situation affects the modus vivendi of the Ayoreo indigenous people who for centuries have protected the heavenly legacy of their lands, and are part of the historical cultural miscegenation of Paraguay. In June 2014, the Paraguayan Chamber of Grain Exporters signed an agreement with the company Monsanto to plant transgenic soybeans in the Paraguayan Chaco, and thus achieve that the great tentacles of the monoculture ruin the life of the dying Ayoreo people. And in October 2014, the discovery of conventional oil almost 4000 meters underground was confirmed, so that English multinationals together with the Paraguayan government dedicate themselves to extracting crude from the Paraguayan Chaco, which will break the bare feet of the Ayoreo tribe.

After breaking down the article, we saw that the 10 socio-environmental problems that Latin American nations collate, are caused by the great greed of transnational companies that buy from the governments of the day, so that their public bodies award exploration permits and licenses for exploration. exploitation of natural resources, without considering Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), which are not evaluated at the time of approval of mega extractive projects. All that ecological perversion is fostered by the indifference of the common and wild people who DO NOT denounce the continuous abuses that mistreat the health of the Pachamama, and end up being witnesses and accomplices of the neglect suffered by their localities, because they never project Education Environmental in the afer of their communities.

Bad environmental decisions will punish the future of Latin America, and we do not want guilt to take over our own handwriting. Each one is the owner of their own truth, and the will to change the present, depends on the ecological commitment to value street activism, conservationism and love for Nature. It is necessary to internalize the mistakes of the past, and help with the recovery of the magical environments of the Environment.


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