Women's Summit will prepare proposals for a global meeting on climate change

Women's Summit will prepare proposals for a global meeting on climate change

The summit will address the role of women in the well-being of their communities, many of which are being affected by climate change and the execution of mining and hydrocarbon projects, among others.

Organized women from social movements, networks, authorities and citizens in general from all regions of Peru, who feel committed to the fight for the defense of their territories, as well as their bodies and lives, can participate in the Summit. During the meeting, some topics worked on at the Summit of the Peoples of Celendín that took place in October and which brought together nearly two hundred representatives of organizations and social movements from all over the country will be addressed.

Among these agreements made at that time, the commitment to defend and preserve water against the threat of mining projects stands out, as well as the protection of the well-being of indigenous peoples and their territories. Other topics that will also be addressed at the Women's Summit are their rights for equality, equity and gender justice.

In the same way, they will recognize their territories and common goods through maps and they will talk about their rights as mothers and their role in the defense of Good Living.

The proposals made will be socialized at the Summit of the Peoples of Lima. As is known from December 8 to 11, the Peoples' Summit against climate change will be held in the Peruvian capital, it is an alternative space to the Twentieth Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 20) organized by the government.

For more information about the summit in Celendín write to the email [email protected] or call: 71 534 50.

You can also visit the summit's Facebook page by clicking on the following link: Women's Summit: Diverse women sowing Good Living as an alternative to extractivism and to face climate change ( 670920723022783 /? Ref = 22)


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