The Netherlands presents the first bike path with solar panels

The Netherlands presents the first bike path with solar panels

In 2009, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research Foundation equipped a group of people to create a 70-meter-long bike path that included solar panels. Tomorrow, November 12, it will finally be finished and will open in the suburb of Krommenie, Amsterdam. The SolaRoad project will allow the energy obtained from pedaling to be conducted to the electrical network, and in the future it is expected that it can be used to operate traffic lights, illuminate the lane itself, or even to charging stations for electric cars.

Although the idea has been considered before, it had been discarded as expensive and unfeasible; but it seems that this does not prevent the Dutch government from further developing and evolving its technology, as they recently produced the first luminescent road on the planet. And, speaking of the innovative step, it is thought that it will soon be extended to 100 meters in length, which could power three houses. Of course, the invention cannot be adjusted to the position of the sun, so the panels will produce 30% less energy than those located on the roofs of houses. But this does not mean that it has immense possibilities.

A couple of engineers from the United States, Julie and Scott Brusaw, had been developing the idea of ​​solar panels on bike paths since 2006. In 2009, their company Solar Roadways received a contract from the American Federal Highway Administration to build a prototype, and In March of this year, the Brusaws traded their parking spot for a panel. They filmed it and it soon went viral. Consequently, the couple raised $ 2.2 million to put their design on the market. And now the Dutch authorities show that the idea is not only not absurd, but also feasible in an official and public way.

We hope that this idea can make the world aware of how much energy is used per day, and the ways that exist to make the process more ecological, taking advantage of the resources that we have already obtained.

Note edited by Sofía Bresler

The Guardian

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