Experts analyze water availability in Uruguay

Experts analyze water availability in Uruguay

The specialists, members of the Cuenca del Plata Framework Program, will share their experiences on water balance models (the relationship between rainfall and freshwater withdrawals) these days.

The exchange, organizers said, will be used to plan the use of existing river courses and aquifers in the face of extreme events, such as floods or droughts. When we talk about surface or underground water, we are talking about fresh water sources that include rivers, streams and aquifers that are used to meet the needs of human consumption and the agricultural sector, said José Luis Genta, Uruguayan director of the project.

Taking stock, allows us to plan against extraordinary scenarios such as droughts or floods, he added and said that this information is relevant to know the risks.

The final objective is to obtain knowledge for the entire territory of the La Plata Basin and thus be able to work the five countries together in the management of hydrological risks, in a complementary way, concluded Genta.

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