3D printer with PET bottles - EKOCYCLE ™ Cube® 3D Printer

3D printer with PET bottles - EKOCYCLE ™ Cube® 3D Printer

For you to understand quickly, the idea of ​​this 3D printer is to use for example 3 plastic soda bottles, choose one of the 25 designs that it has programmed (mobile phone cases, shoes, bracelets, vases, bow ties etc ...), choose one of the four available colors (natural, red, white or black) and expect fast printing with results as flexible as the plastic used for its production. tells us “Waste is waste only if we dispose of it”, which I do not agree with since plastics like the ones re-used by this printer are themselves waste from the moment they are manufactured. I am not going to detract from the machine, since as the world production system is almost entirely dependent on plastic, it will be able to prevent some bottles from ending up in the Pacific, but what we are not going to stop asking, They are more environmentally friendly bottles or packaging, what possibilities there are and many.

Technical characteristics of the printer:

Printing tasks with an intuitive interface.

Two front physical buttons "Print" and "Setup".

Side touch controls.

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Ultra modern cubic design.

They are already working on the next printer, which will be able to print our own chocolates with curious and unique shapes. Can recycled chocolates be used?

Here a presentation video (in English with the possibility of translating subtitles):

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Eco Inventions

Video: Cube 3 3D Printer Cartridge Mod - From ABS to PETG PET-G Filament (July 2021).