They insist: the train route is crossed by that of the jaguar

They insist: the train route is crossed by that of the jaguar

By Octavio Martínez

The announcement of the route of the transpeninsular train that puts Punta Venado, which is located in the municipality, once again in the scenario of arrival, once again warned the Mayan groups of the north of the state and that live in the Riviera Maya, about the consultation for the construction of the mega work, which according to its leaders, will impact the communities in a social and ecological way.

For this reason, it is expected that by the end of this month the members of the Commission for Dialogue for Indigenous Peoples will arrive, said Hermelindo Be Cituk, state coordinator of the Plural Indigenous National Assembly for Autonomy (Anipa), who mentioned that what The aim is to know the concerns of the Mayans.

Be Cituk reported that the type of impact that they believe can affect them considerably, is the change in their customs, due to the intense arrival of people to the areas where the construction of the work will be carried out. It will affect the jaguar route.He also reiterated that the jaguar route will be seriously affected, a species that is threatened since, although they have been informed that there will be steps in the lower parts of the road, according to the interviewee, they will not be enough for this animal and other species may continue to inhabit the region.

Be Cituk mentioned Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), to which Mexico is subscribed and provides legal certainty to indigenous peoples so that they may be consulted on issues that could affect them.


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