Battery recharges in 2 minutes and lifespan of 20 years

Battery recharges in 2 minutes and lifespan of 20 years

They have developed a new battery model that recharges to 70% of its capacity in just 2 minutes. These batteries are based on a structure of titanium dioxide anodes, more resistant than the current ones, which will increase their durability, which would be equivalent to about 20 years of useful life, a figure much higher than the 3,000 cycles of the current ones and their approximate 7 years of life.

Currently a fast recharging point for electric cars takes approximately 30 minutes to reach 80% charge.

The secret is the replacement of the graphite used in conventional lithium batteries with a titanium dioxide gel. An element that will reduce charging times and extend the useful life of batteries. A crucial advance for the future of electric mobility.

As Chen Xiaodong explains: “With our nanotechnology, the electric cars of the future could be recharged in as little as five minutes, which is the time it takes to fill the tank of today's cars. Equally important is that we can now drastically reduce the waste generated by batteries, as our batteries last ten times longer than the current generation of lithium-ion batteries. "

Nanyan Technological University

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