Eco-friendly hemp concrete that captures CO2, low emissions, 7 times stronger

Eco-friendly hemp concrete that captures CO2, low emissions, 7 times stronger

The low-CO2, eco-friendly hemp in Hemcrete does not deteriorate because it is protected by the lime in the mix, but is only used in floors to give breathable finishes.

45% of CO2 emissions come from the construction of buildings, so it is not surprising that the demand for buildings with a neutral and ecological balance in carbon emissions is growing; And that is why it is not surprising that a company has developed a building material whose level of CO2 emissions is negative.

Lhoist Group has christened this ecological concrete with the name of Hemcrete, after hemp. The rest of the components are lime and water.

Why does this ecological product have a negative CO2 emissions balance? because there is more greenhouse gas trapped in the hemp used as a base than is released during the agglomeration process. Of course the equation is much more complicated than that, but still the Hemcrete is still an amazing low-emission green product.

Good on the ecological side, but how long does it last? If we pay attention to what is published in Inhabitat, this product is friendly to the environment, 100% recyclable, low in emissions and as versatile as it is sustainable.

The new ecological hemp concrete is seven times stronger than classic concrete, weighs only half and is less prone to cracking, suitable for use in roof and wall insulation, up to the construction of floors.

And according to the manufacturers, the low-CO2 product is so recyclable that once demolished it can be used as a fertilizer. Does anyone give more?

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