A Paraguayan mechanic replaced gasoline with water

A Paraguayan mechanic replaced gasoline with water

According to the newspaper ABC Color, it is a device that can allow motorcycles to move using as fuel not naphtha, but simple water.

The documents that he gave to UNA are a graphic illustration of the generator, and photocopies of about three squared notebook sheets in which this industrial and mechanical welder wrote down by hand the instructions for its manufacture and the procedure for attaching it to the engine. of the motorcycle.

The delivery of these documents to UNA was a donation. In an interview with ABC Color, Vaesken insisted that he does not want any amount of money for his invention - the only thing he would accept in return, he commented, is that the university allows him to study chemical sciences -, but that his goal is simply to help people allowing the university to work on perfecting its generator and for the specifications of the same to be made public for anyone to replicate.


The basis of how the generator created by Vaesken works is electrolysis, the process by which an electrical current separates the hydrogen and oxygen that make up water. Hydrogen acts as an oxidizing agent, and oxygen acts as fuel, together producing the combustion that enables the vehicle to move.

The device is installed and some minor modifications are required to the vehicle, such as increasing the voltage of the magnetic flywheel of the motorcycle and modifying the spark time of the engine, too slow for the reaction with hydrogen.

It even represents an advantage in terms of emissions, since what an engine that works by this procedure emits is simple water vapor, instead of carbon monoxide.

According to Vaesken, modifying a motorcycle to run on water instead of gasoline should cost no more than 600,000 guaranies.

As explained by José Vallinotti, the lawyer who supports Vaesken as patron, this is an idea that has already emerged in various parts of the world, but for some reason it could never be patented, since in each attempt a claim arose that ended up freezing the Procedure.

The Vaesken case has already received media attention before - including a television note in which the mechanic shows that what moves his vehicle is drinking water directly from the tank of the bike - and even the deputy Gustavo Mussi spoke about it in an interview with Radio Ñandutí, last July.

According to Vaesken and Vallinotti, the idea is to continue perfecting the device in parallel to what UNA is going to do, and later see how to adapt the concept to cars.

As he finally commented, Vaesken himself tested the performance of his motorcycle running on water with a trip of 250 kilometers and another of 200 kilometers with no less than 8 liters of water.

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