October 16 - Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty against transnational corporations

October 16 - Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty against transnational corporations

The International Peasant Movement La Via Campesina makes a call to its organizations around the world, to the organized people, allies and conscientious consumers to the Global Day of Action for the Food Sovereignty of the Peoples against transnational corporations, this October 16, 2014.

La Via Campesina carries out this day of solidarity, resistance and mobilization every year in order to make civil society aware of the risk that the Food Sovereignty of the Peoples faces today, for which we consider it important and essential to strengthen the alliance with the working class of the countryside and the city, since the human right to food must not only take care of access, but must guarantee a healthy, healthy and culturally appropriate diet for the peoples.

In 1996 in Rome, La Via Campesina proposed Food Sovereignty as the right of the peoples to design their own agri-food policies that favor peasant production and distribution at the local level and that allow to supply the demands of the population.

Today, transnational agribusiness companies, through a triple alliance between states, banks and the media, widely publicize the extensive agriculture model arguing that it is highly productive and that it can end the food crisis. But reality shows that at this moment more than one billion people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while transnational corporations continue to speculate on food because their only objective is to profit.

Agribusiness expels millions of peasant women and men from their territories, generating a field without farmers and concentrating natural assets such as water, land, and destroying biodiversity.

Likewise, companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Bunge, Dupont, AMD, among others, monopolize and monopolize the grain and seed trade, criminalizing this ancient practice of conserving, caring for and exchanging seeds. Agribusiness encourages the indiscriminate use of pesticides, degrading soils, threatening the lives of peasants and consumers in cities.

The peasants and peasants of La Via Campesina in this Global Action Day on October 16, we ratify the urgency of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform as a mechanism to conquer Food Sovereignty and we affirm agroecological production as an alternative practice consistent with our peasant project, which also mitigates the effects of climate change and cools the planet.

Therefore, on this October 16 - Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty against Transnational Corporations - we mobilize, we will take land, we will hold forums, we will hold agroecological fairs, we will occupy the streets of towns and cities and we will raise our voice in resistance against land grabbing, against the use of pesticides and transgenic seeds, for a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and for Food Sovereignty as a radical transformation towards a socially just and dignified food system for the peoples of the world.

Food Sovereignty NOW!

We want to record all the actions that you do in your organizations around the world: photos, forums, marches, video projections, seed exchanges and agro-ecological fairs.

Via Campesina

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