The 14 species of trees that when hugged heal various parts of the body

The 14 species of trees that when hugged heal various parts of the body

Many of the disorders of human beings living in cities would disappear with a simple walk in nature.

Formerly it was believed that each tree had its own spirit with a special energy that it is capable of transmitting around it and people sought this energy to achieve balance. The benefits of hugging a tree are countless, mysterious but easy to verify if we pay attention to them, if we observe them and communicate with them by looking at them, in silence.

They charge us with good vibrations and give us their energy in a natural way. Trees help us to establish contact with the power of nature in an easy and beautiful way, they relax us and fill us with pure energy.

The books of the Tao called Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia speak that throughout history, human beings have used all parts of the tree as a remedy to heal. And they came to some conclusions regarding the different trees and their ability to heal humans. Large trees are the ones that contain the most energy. Among the most powerful are the trees that grow alongside running water. Some are warmer or colder than others. You have to practice distinguishing the various properties of different trees.

1- The pines. The best trees to heal are large ones, especially pines. Pines radiate Chi energy, nourish the blood, strengthen nervous systems and help prolong life. They also feed the soul and spirit. The pines are the "Immortal Trees". Ancient Chinese poetry and painting are full of admiration for pine trees. While pine trees are often the best choice, many other trees or plants can be used.

2- Cypress trees and cedars reduce heat and nurture Yin energy.

3- Willows They help eliminate unhealthy winds, release excess moisture from the body, reduce high blood pressure, and strengthen the urinary tract and bladder.

4- Elm trees they calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.

5- Maples they chase unhealthy winds and help ease pain.

6- Acacias White help to eliminate internal heat and balance the temperature of the heart.

7- Fig trees Bengal cleanses the heart and helps to remove moisture from the body.

8- The canelos they remove the cold from the heart and abdomen.

9- Fir trees They help eliminate bruises, reduce swelling and heal broken bones faster.

10- Thorns they aid in digestion, strengthen the intestines and reduce blood pressure.

11- Birch trees They help remove heat and moisture from the body and detoxify it.

12- Plums they nourish the spleen, stomach, pancreas and calm the mind.

13- Fig trees they remove excess heat from the body, increase saliva, nourish the spleen, and help stop diarrhea.

14- Ginkgos They help strengthen the bladder and relieve urinary problems for women.

To establish a relationship with a tree, and to be in communion with it, you have to look at it in silence and immediately notice the healing energy that springs from it. Intuitively you will know what to do: you may put your hands on his cortex, hug him or lean your back, with all the energy centers of your spine, on his trunk and fill yourself with energy. It is really healing to be able to experience, to be able to live with intensity, this beautiful union with the trees.

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