France approves penalizing planned obsolescence

France approves penalizing planned obsolescence

By Gonzalo Garteiz

The introduction of criminal punishment in a practice that is abused in many production processes, the manufacture of electrical appliances and electronic devices, light bulbs, etc., is due to an amendment by the Greens in the energy transition bill, which considers the obsolescence carried out deliberately a hoax and a fraud. The Greens are the political group that has most fought this practice, considering it very harmful to the environment and sustainability.

The Economic and Social Committee of the EU demands its ban throughout Europe. The French position brings the debate to the entire European Union. On October 17, the European Social and Economic Committee (EESC) organizes a round table on planned obsolescence from which it is expected that the necessary pressure will arise on the European Commission to punish this practice. The EESC already made a call for a total ban in a plenary session in October last year.

Last June, after a meeting organized by the Consultative Commission on Industrial Transformations, chaired by the Spanish Carlos Trias Pinto, and which is part of the aforementioned Committee, the Madrid Declaration was promulgated, in which sustainability fundamentals were claimed throughout the production model.

The new collaborative economy consists of durable, non-perishable goods The Spanish expert in consumer public policy, Alejandro Salcedo Aznal, makes it clear in a study tendered by the Social and Economic Council, that the expansion of the new collaborative economy of shared consumption, the Truly sustainable, it needs the transition from an industrial society of perishable goods to another of durable goods for its viability. Thus, planned obsolescence would be out of the loop and an attempt would be made to focus the fight against psychological obsolescence, which marks the consumer with the introduction of fashions.

The increase in warranty terms, the promotion of renting instead of buying, the requirement of spare parts for very long periods and the reduction of repair costs, in addition to the standardization of some products (as is the case already regulation of mobile chargers) are measures that are already being demanded in the most advanced countries in sustainability. France's assimilation of deception-planned obsolescence is a big step.

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