An advertising panel that produces drinking water from the air

An advertising panel that produces drinking water from the air

The water is obtained thanks to a system for capturing the humidity contained in the air, which, once condensed, is filtered and then distributed through a tap at the base of the post, thus providing drinking water to all who need it.

“This advertising panel reflects the educational proposal of the university, which is to develop the ingenuity and talent of our students through teaching based on practice. The objective is to awaken the vocation of studying engineering, making it more attractive to young people, and preparing them to become high-level professionals who will apply science, technology and innovation to benefit the sustainable development of Peru ”, said Jessica Ruas Quartara Director of Promotion of UTEC.

The advertising campaign was entrusted to the Mayo Publicidad agency. “The central concept of the creative campaign is 'Ingenio en Acción' and it focuses on showing how it is that behind everything that surrounds us, big or small innovations, there are engineers who through their 'ingenuity' have been capable of providing solutions to problems and have contributed to society ”, indicated Humberto Polar - VP Regional Creativo, Mayo Publicidad.

The panel is exhibited at Km 89.5 of the Panamericana Sur highway and consists of five machines, which by means of a special electronic system convert the ambient humidity into water, which finally flows into a spout located at the foot of the panel. The panel will be arranged for the summer season and will generate a total of 96 liters daily, which can be used by the surrounding community or by vacationers who wish to stock up on drinking water.

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