History of Food in two minutes

History of Food in two minutes

We spend a lot on food and waste a lot of what we invest in. Needless to say, of all that spending, taxes and other indirect costs take a good bite ... it is not strictly the food itself that is the object of all that expense.

Often the problems that the world of food has transferred to our environment are atomized in such a way that it is impossible for us to get a more general perspective of the situation, a kind of what the tree does not let us see the forest, and from time to time it is convenient to take a certain perspective. Fortunately, there are those who from time to time summarize it and offer a synthesized vision of the situation and its why.

It is true that at this point its content does not discover anything new but the summarized way it has of exposing the causes of the current situation without too much fanfare is interesting, at least I cannot find them. If anything, some shortcomings, yes, especially some reference to in theory how bad we are and how much, at least in appearance, we care about these issues of eating and their relationship with health ... I mean the significant number of slimming, healing dietary systems ... that today, as you well know, are legion and to which no reference is made in the video.

Video: Imitation of elvers, crab sticks and prawns (June 2021).