Oil company devastates the jungle to make "bio" fuel

Oil company devastates the jungle to make

By Guadalupe Rodríguez

Since the beginning of 2014, palm oil from Indonesia has reached the port of Maghera in Venice. It is used to manufacture biodiesel at the ENI refinery. Together with its main shareholder, the Italian state, ENI wants to strengthen its presence in the lucrative business of so-called biofuels.

The European Union requires that palm oil be sustainable ". But palm oil certification seals are ineffective and only serve as green makeup. Palm oil is produced in all cases on the coast of tropical forests and already constitutes a third of the biodiesel consumed in Italy, according to the analyzes of environmentalists.

Eni invests 100 Million Euros to convert the oil refinery to biodiesel. In 2015, the facilities would have a production capacity of 500,000 tons of biodiesel. Eni owns five large oil refineries in Italy and is present in 90 countries. The brand owns gas stations throughout Europe.

Among the first customers for ENI's palm biodiesel are the Italian and US Navy.

In the second half of this year, the Italian government has the rotating presidency of the EU. Please ask the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union to stop the massive use of agrofuels in Europe. ENI's biodiesel refinery or any biodiesel refinery does not save the climate and endangers the last rainforests.



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